James Bond relegated to the dustbin of history

Well, fans, it’s over for James Bond. The suave, charming lady’s man who long protected the West from Communists and megalomaniac bad guys has been outed as a bad guy himself:

Matt Damon has dismissed James Bond as being stuck in the 1960s while promoting his own new spy film.

Speaking from London, where his latest film, The Bourne Ultimatum, is having its UK premiere, Damon said: “Bond is an imperialist and a misogynist who kills people and laughs about it, and drinks Martinis and cracks jokes.”

The Hollywood star dismissed comparisons between 007 and his character, assassin Jason Bourne, saying: “Bourne is a serial monogamist whose girlfriend is dead and he does nothing but think about her”. Damon added that Bourne “doesn’t have the support of gadgets, and he feels guilty for what he’s done”.

Stop me if I’m wrong — and I haven’t seen the Bourne films myself — but isn’t the plot of the latest Bourne movie all about the evil CIA? So, if I’ve got this right, in Damon’s world, Bourne is good because he’s got a dead girlfriend and is trying to undermine America’s security infrastructure that comes complete with Abu Ghraib analogies. I’m no fan of the CIA, which I think is too hostile to American interests for our own good, but I think the Bourne thesis takes things a week bit too far.


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  1. Idiot, thy name is Matt Damon. Another second rate actor elevated into a stardom he doesn’t deserve shooting off his mouth and thinking what he says has significance. What is a serial monogamist anyway? That sounds like psychobabble for a guy who stays with one woman until he dumps her or she dumps him because he can’t commit. There is a whole damn pack of young actors who punch above their weight, haven’t earned their chops as actors, and strut about mouthing cheap pieties as if these were some sort of profundities.

  2. I guiltily admit that I like the Bourne films, but only because of their action, especially their unique take on the car chase genre, and Bourne’s quest for knowledge of who he is. In the final film, it became evident the wing of the CIA that made him was rogue and was neither the CIA we have or the CIA I would support. It was busted up not by going to the media, but by going through congressional oversight channels.

    Still, there was definitely a troubling anti-intelligence/CIA bent which translates as anti-American. It became more pronounced in “Ultimatum” than in the previous films.

    As for Damon, Zhombre is right: Just another idiot actor who’s better scripted than unscripted.

    As for Bond, he was not a misogynist, he was just a man, a real man, who appreciated a curious variant of real woman. He was not a soft metrosexual like Damon and his Hollywood buds. Imperialist? No. England was winding down its colonies at the time. He was a protector of freedom against freedom’s enemies. Grab one of his gadgets, please, and take out Damon before he talks again.

  3. Well, maybe we’d’ve liked Bourne better had he put a ring on that girlfriend’s finger.

  4. The rebellious loner forced to take on the corrupt establishment is a Hollywood staple, or rather, cliche. This standard plotline is used in everything from later Star Trek flics to the new Mission Impossible movies.

    Contrast these new productions against the original episodes when the main characters were productive members of a trustworthy organization. No wonder we have such a crop of conspiracy theorists and anti-establishment loonies among modern media consumers.

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  6. The books were a lot better than the movie. By the way, assassins don’t have 10 minute fight scenes, either 1 on 1 or whatever.

  7. If your plot summary and the reporting of Matt Damon’s comments are as accurate as I think they are, then Jason Bourne’s movies occupy the same moral universe as “The English Patient,” which I loathed because it involved betrayal into Nazi hands for the sake of one character’s girlfriend. In other words, it was an anti-Casablanca, lionizing Ralph Fiennes for dishonorable choices where that earlier classic had lionized Humphrey Bogart for honorable ones.

  8. The Bourne novels were more about anti-terrorism than anything else. The first one was about recovering lost memories, yes, but depending on the setting, you might as well have used MI5 as CIA.

  9. http://www.blackfive.net/main/2007/08/some-levity-mig.html

    Btw, if you haven’t watched that, you should, since half of it makes fun of Matt. The other half is Matt being… well whatever he is.

  10. So guilt makes killing people OK. That’s nice to know, Matt. I guess he won’t mind if I scarf a few Twinkies before I kill him, because I’ll certainly feel bad about.

    At least, I think I will.

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