The thinking man’s game

Soccer, at a deeper level:

Hat tip:  Richard Baehr

And for those who like their soccer beef cake style — he may be a little sleazy (or maybe a lot sleazy), but he sure looks pretty.


3 Responses

  1. This is really funny.

  2. Indeed.

    Did you look at many of those photographs, BW? I really wonder what the man thinks that sort of thing is likely to do for the young people in our society….. Does he actually want his boys and girls acting out in those ways for real, rather than just for the photographer? Or does he think about it at all? What a catastrophe for our culture!

  3. Earl, I think the man lives in a bubble comprised of two things: his sport, to which he is truly devoted; and the sordid world of rich Brits. He gets kudos for being a father who is actually married to his children’s mother, but the fact is, at that economic milieu, the British have never had morals as we in the middle class understand them, and they’ve only declined morally since the 1960s.

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