Another biofuel casualty — candy

With respect to the candy, I’m not sure, actually, whether the following is good news or bad from a dietary standpoint:

First it was tortillas in Mexico, then it was Frosted Flakes in America and recently German beer (more…). Now the latest food to become the victim of prices pushed up by the massive shift of crops to biofuel are Germany’s beloved gummy bears.

Prices of glucose, the second main ingredient in the chewy candies after sugar, rose by 30 percent in 2006.

“We’re going to maintain current prices through the end of the year,” Marco Alfter, a spokesman for Bonn-based gummy bear-maker Haribo, told SPIEGEL. But afterwards, the golden bears could get more expensive.

Haribo is one of a number of companies in the German food and beverage industry that has been critical of shifts in crops away from foodstuffs in order to accommodate production of biofuels, which emit less CO2 than regular gasoline and reduce dependency on energy sources in volatile regions. Representatives of mills, major bakeries, sweets companies and animal feed companies in Germany have joined forces to create the “Netzwerk Lebensmittel-Forum” (“Food Forum Network”), which is seeking to raise awareness about the dangers associated with replacing food agriculture with crops for biofuels (more…).

“In two to four years, we could be faced with substantial problems when it comes to feeding the population,” warned Karl-Heinz Legendre of the margarine industry association. Prices for palm and canola oil, wheat and corn have already risen dramatically.

As for every other food mentioned in that article other than candy, it’s manifestly a big problem that, based on the increasingly shaky evidence of man-made global warming, we’re destroying our food crops.


3 Responses

  1. I suspect that the average German spends will save far more on fuel costs from alternate fuels throughout the year than on Haribo candy. Haribo makes great candy, by the way.

  2. This is how civilizations fall, Book. People get the idea that they are beyond the natural limitations nature had set upon them. They aren’t, however.

    It is how revolutions work as well. See, you take the status quo, and then paint it as needing a violent change or radical change. Then you go out and destroy all the institutions and organizations that prop up the status quo, and then let anarchy reign supreme.

    The status quo we have right now is that humans have a chance for prosperity and growth. That is why the Church of Ryback seeks to destroy and overthrow, in order to replace the system with their own. The Islamic Jihad, however, moved first and now the Warmies are trying to catch up.

    The barbarians might win and overthrow the existing system, but you know as well as I do that they do not have the engineering skills to maintain Rome’s works.

    Al Gore isn’t an engineer. Osama Bin Laden isn’t an engineer. Bashar isn’t an engineer and nor is Chavez. These people can overthrow systems but they are not Washington. They cannot replace the system with something better. Why? Because it is impossible to re-institute law and order once you have destroyed the means by which law and order (prosperity) were enforced. This is why the American Revolution succeded, since the methods of self-governance were already in place when they fought the British.

    Perhaps it is possible to re-institute law and order, in time perhaps. Maybe a few decades or so to regrow things. Decades in which starvation and rampant destruction reign supreme. Or the Dark Ages, in which centuries pass before the light of a New Enlightenment occurs.

    Evil isn’t evil just cause it likes to have fun, after all.

  3. How totally stupid can we get?


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