Leavin’ on a jet plane

I’m about to head off on my own vacation and Bookworm isn’t due back until Monday, so I don’t know how much blogging she’ll have a chance to do.  Thanks to all of you who have chimed in on the discussions the last few weeks.  The Bookwormroom readers really are the most intelligent, thoughtful collection of people I’ve had the privilege to interact with.  I look forward to rejoining the discussion when I get back. 

One last question for you to comment on while I’m gone.  Bookworm asked whether the blogs served a useful purpose and most of you assured her that this one does.  Several people commented, quite correctly, that we need a greater diversity of opinions here to make the conversation even more worthwhile.  So, what can we do to encourage our friends on the left to join the discussion?  We can’t learn from each other unless we talk with each other.


8 Responses

  1. Oh no! If I want to hear their opinions all I have to do is tune NPR, most TV news outlets, or read our daily paper (Washington Post).

    This is a blessed sanctuary. Please keep it as such.

  2. You want greater ‘diversity’, then make sure you get linked to by Slate or something and you will get this.


  3. I do find that some contributors to NPR have conservative perspectives. One of the reasons I support them financially.
    It is pleasant to have one’s own opinions reinforced by other conservative/libertarian and thoughtful commentators.
    But…Ya don’t learn if ya don’t listen to other voices.
    Sure, I see of much of the Liberal verbage as ill-conceived,
    to put it politely. But hey, if they want to talk with us, let’s talk.
    The ground rules that BW has stated rarely, and almost all of us have followed relating to proper discourse must apply and be enforced. No vitriolic, sexual, or personal attacks on the contributors to BW’s site. Even Greg.

  4. DQ,
    we’re hamstrung on this issue by the fact that there are so few thoughtful liberals, since the truly thoughtful ones keep migrating over to the right (witness Bookworm, et al); those remaining on the left are…um, not thoughtful and therefore of limited use for anything more than a shouting match (witness any cable news show).

  5. I would hate to think that people can’t talk to one another, no matter their political leanings. I’m not exactly a liberal (or a conservative) but I think there is plent of room for discussion.

    However, I have been accused of being an idiot.

  6. Hey, conservatives call each other idiots all the time.

  7. We conservatives always make the mistake of believing that liberals will listen to what we have to say. Liberal tenets are refuted by both history and reason, and thus by necessity liberals want to dwell only in a world of feeling and emotion. This is why any conservative/liberal “discussion” must inevitably devolve toward, at some point, a personal attack on the conservative.

    I used to be a lefty, and I can tell you that your viewpoints make you evil to them. Would you reason with someone you consider to be possessed of evil? Only significant emotional events will bring them toward the conservative viewpoint, if reason could hold sway, then there would be no liberals.

  8. welcome home, corndog

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