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Disney is the most perfectly realized theme park there is — and the best managed.  The others may have great rides or attractions, but they fail complete at the level of detailed perfection that is so natural to Disney.

We’ve now used Priceline twice to stay at 4 and 5 star hotels for 50% off and, based on that “n” of 2, I can state that I’m very pleased with PriceLine — and with the hotels.  After two miserable nights at a reputable chain, we spent a night at the Omni, and I can really recommend the Omni to anyone who is interested.

Disney is studiously apolitical.  Not all parks are.  We also went to Sea World, which operates near several military installations.  It’s unabashedly pro-military.  I appreciated that, but wished I liked the park better.  It has some good stuff, but pales next to Disney (including in such essentials as crowd management).  Interestingly, unlike Disney, this park was filled with ultra-Orthodox Jews and Muslims with burqa swatched women in tow.  Go figure.

Speaking of Sea World, I spent time in an endless concession’s line talking to a nice man next to me.  I don’t remember how the talk morphed from children and rides to North Korea, but I made some low key sarcastic comment about the place, followed by the line “such  a useful country.”  The man just lit up.  He lives in a liberal community and thought the same as I did, but never said it.  He right away followed up with a complaint about airplane security, which is so busy making sure to treat everyone as a potential terrorist so as not to offend the real terrorists that it ruins vacations and impairs its own effectiveness.  The man and I agreed that the best bet is profiling plus heavy duty random checks.

George Clooney’s willingness to hide out to help Obama, for fear of conservative smears, shows again how frightened your true liberal is of exposing himself to the marketplace of  ideas.

Already in the 1920s, my grandmother had a beloved doctor who told her that moderation in all things is the key to good health.  Seems he was right.

Speaking of excess, San Francisco pulled the plug on the most wild and debauched public Halloween celebrations around.  Apparently they were getting a little too violent for the City to handle.


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  1. I’m reminded of my Grandfather’s oft-repeated comment — “All things in moderation . . . including moderation!”

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  3. The Clooney link takes you a Matt Damon article. After reading that article I had to go wash my eyes out.

    I am willing to bet that the party will go on. Isn’t this the same city that routinely ignores the law when it suits their purpose? And they expect the citizens not to notice?

  4. Growing up in California, I was always amazed how the news could spark a spontanteous pride parade in the Castro, complete with a 20-foot rainbow flag.

    And in Texas, I was amazed that Sea World used their big CAT scan machine for the orcas and the heavy people who would otherwise be girth-testing the standard machines at local hospitals.

  5. Hi Bookworm,

    I hope the vacation is going great!

    After our last trip to Bush gardens in Tampa I think it will be a stretch to get me back to Disney. Everything from the prices to the quality of rides were a cut above Disney. Perhaps because the Orlando park is so antiquated. To top it off Bush Gardens in Tampa has a water park right next to the theme park so you can migrate between the two.

    Finally, who can pass up the free beer at Bush?!!! (in moderation of course)

    It was a blast, I highly recommend it, even to George Clooney!

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