Silly rabbi

Is it my imagination, or is this rabbi (on the bobblehead doll the Giants are giving away on Jewish Heritage Night) secretly a cowboy. 

Okay, the link’s working now.


8 Responses

  1. Link is bad, DQ…..tried it a couple of times.

  2. Oy vey! Shofar notwithstanding, this guy doesn’t look like any rabbi I’ve ever seen. Now, if you want to see Jewish guys with the right hats, take a peek over here:

    The Bobblehead looks more like a Matzoh-wrangler who should be officiating at a Bar-b-que, not a Bar Mitzvah. Too bad there’ll be no ribs.

  3. My link doesn’t work. But if you cut and paste the link and remove the period at the end of jpg, you should see the picture. Sorry

  4. The hat does imply that the rabbi is more sympathetic to Dallas than San Francisco. And the Shofar is a ram’s horn. The opening should be circular, not square. It looks like a wooden organ pipe. Whoever designed the doll is culturally challenged.

  5. Funny but he doesn’t look like Gene Wilder.

  6. Yes, soccer dad. What was the name of that movie? Harrison Ford was in it too. Something about a rabbi going to San Francisco – perfect for this discussion. I remember liking it.

  7. Wait, it’s coming back to me. Was it The Frisco Kid?

  8. JudyRose,

    You are correct, The Frisco Kid. If the Giants want a Rabbi (and an unlikely one at that) that’s appropriate for the Bay Area, wouldn’t Gene Wilder make sense?

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