More anti-democratic acts from Democrats

Earlier this week, in “He’s not my President,” I blogged about the fact that many Democrats are, in fact, very un-democratic. In their world, the only good votes are the ones they win, with all others being invalid and subject to attack in whatever way they deem expedient. It seems that Democrats have now taken that anti-Democratic impulse to the bastion of democracy itself, the House of Representatives:

In a massive flare-up of partisan tensions (video link courtesy, Republicans walked out on a House vote late Thursday night to protest what they believed to be Democratic maneuvers to reverse an unfavorable outcome for them.

The flap represents a complete breakdown in parliamentary procedure and an unprecedented low for the sometimes bitterly divided chamber.

The rancor erupted shortly before 11 p.m. as Rep. Michael R. McNulty (D-N.Y.) gaveled close the vote on a standard procedural measure with the outcome still in doubt.

Details remain fuzzy, but numerous Republicans argued afterward that they had secured a 215-213 win on their motion to bar undocumented immigrants from receiving any federal funds apportioned in the agricultural spending bill for employment or rental assistance. Democrats, however, argued the measure was deadlocked at 214-214 and failed, members and aides on both sides of the aisle said afterward.

One GOP aide saw McNulty gavel the vote to a close after receiving a signal from his leaders – but before reading the official tally. And votes continued to shift even after he closed the roll call – a strange development in itself.

In other words, if McNulty did indeed do what he is accused of doing, the Democrats tried to stop all voting when there was a deadlock, rather than run the risk that a full vote would go against their position. In the school yard, we call that cheating; in the real world, we call that nascent totalitarianism.

UPDATE:  The Washington Post has a clear rundown of what happened:

House Democrats apologized Friday for wrestling what appeared to be a winning vote away from Republicans Thursday night, and on Friday evening agreed to an investigation.

Republicans continued to steam, however, over the episode in which they appeared to be the winners by a 215-213 tally on a procedural motion designed to make sure illegal immigrants would not get certain benefits from an agriculture spending bill.

Instead, with the tally clerk registering the final votes, Rep. Michael McNulty, D-N.Y., gaveled the vote to a close, saying the GOP measure had failed on a 214-214 tie.

Republicans erupted, chanting “shame, shame, shame,” and then walked out in protest after McNulty permitted further Democrats to switch their votes to prevail 216-212. Despite winning that tally, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., moved for a revote as permitted under the rules, and Democrats prevailed again.

On Friday, Hoyer apologized. “The minority was understandably angry,” he said.


12 Responses

  1. Runaway constructs and tools are a menace.

    The Iraq war was never focused solely on how many American sacrifices are needed for the Iraqis to improve. The Iraq war and 9/11 in aggregate were always tests to see whether America deserved to wield the power it does in the 21st century. And should America fail, the fall won’t stop at the borders.

    A test of internal fortitude and integrity. Should America remain strong and virtuous, then ultimate victory will demonstrate that the umbrella of protection which safeguards humanity’s economic prosperity will continue. Should America prove unworthy because of saboteurs on the inside bringing down the strong, then it will all end in ultimate defeat. Though they will call it a virtuous victory as they called Vietnam a victory.

    It was always a natural thing after the Soviets fell, that their power vacuum would usher in a new age of enemies. There was no End of History.

    America is not allowed to go to sleep while the slow tortoise catches up. The US is riding the tiger, and you either ride or you fall and are killed and eaten.

    In this case, the Left will eat the flesh of America from the inside out, as many parasites and wasp laden eggs will do. The wasp is gone, yet the seeds of destruction remain. That has always been true for wars such as WWI. The Kaiser stepped down yet the seeds of Germany’s destruction remained.

    Destiny and nature dislike weaklings. The Left knows that the US military is one of the last bastions of true American strength and tradition. It is why they seek to destroy such competition through booting ROTC off campuses; campuses where Leftist indoctrination programs much procede without interference from the Enemy. Otherwise known as those that fight for human liberty and progress, that Enemy. Scott Thomas Beau. Abu Ghraib. They are all attempts by the creature inside America to find a vital organ and eat it.

    The counter-insurgency methods learned in Iraq and the insurgency methods learned in Afghanistan will either save the United States or condemn the US. After all, what is the difference in technique between finding terrorists incubating amongst civilians and finding Leftists corrupting their fellow civilians? Excising the bad is a difficult thing to do when there is so many good folks that might get killed in the process. Yet it is a skill America desperately needs and the only place they will gain such knowledge is Iraq.

    One good bit of news. Even though the ground work have been laid here in America, Leftist subversion measures have only recently become active and public. Compared to Britain and France, the US is still in a very small beginning stage. Full cascade eruption may not occur for some time.

  2. Say what you will Bookie, the Republicans don’t know how to fight for the truth. They are, in one word, pathetic.

    When they enjoyed twelve years of Republican rule (both the house and senate were in the Republicans majority), what the hell did they do?

    They had one investigation after another investigation of Bill Clinton. They finally found something to hang him on, perjury. Want to know why our beloved prez and his side-kick triple-chin Cheney flatly refuse to have ANYONE of his inner circle testify under oath? Simple, they are afraid that his rocket scientists would blow it under cross-examination. Bush is smart enough to know there are too many damned secrets for his minions to remember. It will take some deep investigating to even begin to track all the bull-$hit that has fallen from their patriotic lips.

    Unlike you, my fellow American, the Republicans have much to answer to. Cheney committed the crime of treason by allowing his staff the opportunity to leak the name of a CIA agent. Bush committed the high-crime of lying to the American people, the house and senate, and the United Nations. That is called a felony. Say it like it is or shut your mouth.

    I am a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division. You or those idiots hiding in the whitehouse try calling my nasty-ass a traitor, you had better update your health insurance. I don’t kindly some clown who runs their sorry mouths before I put my steel-toed jump-boots up some sorry ass.

    I’ve buried better men than you and the entire Grand Ol’ Party combined. They died over a lie. Recently, the CIA finally admitted there was no shot fired in the Bay of Tonkin. Hence, there should not have been the Bay of Tonkin Resolution. That means, little man, 58,000 of my Brothers and Sisters were KIA over a damned lie. Am I pissed? Do bears poop in the woods???

    Iraq was also started by a lie, you may recall. Bush and Cheney should both be impeached AND tried for war crimes.

    Any damned questions, my fellow American???

    Airborne all the way…

  3. Wow! To be so mad and so factually inaccurate. I’ll just point out (a) that intelligence at the time indicated that Hussein had, or was within reasonable reach of, WMDs, (b) that there is still indication, once one cuts through the Plame/Wilson lies, to believe this was true, (c) that Saddam Hussein intentionally misled the world about his WMD capabilities, and (d) that this was a reason, not the reason for the war, with the reason being Saddam’s flouting of UN sanctions.

  4. Another Vietnam veteran I see. Produced from the cataclysmic psychological operation called the Fall of Saigon. One thing people should learn to avoid in the 21st century is not producing bitter veterans from wars that they failed to win. Somebody’s got to pay, you see, and it might as well be the GOP and Nixon that pulled the US out of Vietnam. The VIetnamese are offlimits, at least after Phoenix Program.

    Should Iraq be made to fail and the effort murdered, the United States will acquire even more veterans like Mosley. Not exactly a condition for success.

    They will try their damndest to make Iraq into a simulacrum of Vietnam because anything else would demonstrate that Vietnam could have been won. That all the sacrifices could have been for something. But they weren’t, because Vietnam failed and people failed it.

    The Iraq War must have been started by lies because that is the only thing that could explain why Vietnam was lost. At least the only explanation for Mosely. But others might blame the John Kerries or Jane Fondas.

    When they enjoyed twelve years of Republican rule (both the house and senate were in the Republicans majority), what the hell did they do?

    They played patty cake with the Left and treated Democrats with respect. Fatal mistake.

  5. Absolutely, Book. I believe that, in all, there were 23 reasons for going to war with Saddam Hussein. However, one point that is often overlooked is that we were already at war with Hussein. The first Gulf War ended in a ceasefire, not a peace agreement. Saddam Hussein had repeatedly violated that ceasefire by firing on American planes. In addition, we know that he was behind the first attack on the World Trade Center (an act of war).

    By any measure, to retain our own international credibility, the U.S. was obligated to respond. However, Mr. Mosely, for all his tough talk and representations, would have us turn tail and run home to lick our wounds. Now, that’s a winning formula.

  6. Hi William,

    FYI, Bookworm is female. “I’ve buried better men than you” didn’t make a lot of sense. I’m curious, though. Even though you, like I, believe that we should not have invaded Iraq, we did and we are there now. What would you suggest we do now? In a broader sense, what would you suggest we do about those who have declared a holy war against us?

  7. So much vitriol for the sake of defining an “other” against which to rail! And so much effort spent on rehashing decisions from 4 years ago.
    DQ is coming from a good place. If we can all acknowledge that we made a mess, what can we do to clean it up? And withdrawing doesn’t turn the clock back; the mess doesn’t clean itself up.
    Viewing Iraq as a “republican” problem only distracts us from seeking an “American” solution for our good and theirs.
    And Mr. Mosley, voicing your Service as credentials only make it sound as if you’re demanding accolades. Service doesn’t give someone absolute moral authority any more than an election gives someone infinite wisdom. If we crossed paths in our respective uniforms, I’d remind you to stop calling all of the DoD down with your petulant chest-pounding. Bearing, Mosley.

  8. Great post, Keiki! I’ll be interested to see if Mr. Mosley responds. I’m not holding my breath, but I’d welcome it if he did.

  9. Back to Book’s first point about the House vote – scratch a Liberal/Lefty, find a utopian fascist.

  10. Scratch a Kos Kid and find a budding military aristocrat.

  11. “Military” aristocrat?

  12. Right. Prussian Junkers. Markos is ex military. So is all the attack dogs he grabs to call you folks chickenhawks. Either ex military or reserves like Soltz. Revolutionary movements always require allies from the military aristocracy. Blackfive covered this subject quite well concerning the sergeant that got into a confrontation with Stolz over uniform and the surge.

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