Weasel results

The last Weasel election passed me by. In the rush before I left for vacation, I submitted a post of mine that did not deserve votes and, unsurprisingly given the acumen of the other Council members, did not receive votes. I also never got the chance to read last week’s submissions, so I did not vote. I therefore cannot tell you anything about the winning articles I note below, except to assure you that if my fellow Council members thought they’re good, then they are.

On the Council side, first place was Little Noted But Long Remembered by Right Wing Nut House, with second place going to Russia Vs. The US: No Contest by Cheat Seeking Missiles.

For non-Council nominations, the winner was ON THE FRONTLINE / Cpl. JOHN MATTHEW BISHOP: In the Shadows of Fallen Comrades by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, with second place honors for Name That Party: Investigators by Don Surber.

If you’re interested in this week’s Weasel elections, the submitted articles are here.  I submitted a better article than I did last week, but don’t feel it’s a winner.


2 Responses

  1. This makes you the underdog, Book ; )

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