The renaissance of anti-Semitism

I missed it a year ago, but Mark Steyn has republished a year old article he wrote about the renaissance of anti-Semitism:

But all the hoo-ha about Holocaust denial (and granted, from President Ahmadinejad to Mel Gibson’s dad, there’s a lot of it about) has obscured the fact that the world has re-embraced, with little objection, an older form of anti-Semitism. Israel is, in effect, subject to a geopolitical version of the same conditions endured by Lazarus the Jew in Anthony Hope’s Strelsau.

The Zionist Entity is for the moment permitted to remain in business but, like Aaron Lazarus, it’s not entitled to the enforceable property rights of every other nation state. No other country – not Canada, not Slovenia, not Thailand – would be expected to forego the traditional rights of nations subjected to kidnappings of its citizens, random rocket attacks into residential areas, and other infringements of its sovereignty. This isn’t about who’s right and who’s wrong: there are regional flare-ups all over the map and, regardless of the rights and wrongs, for the most part the world just sits back and lets them get on with it. There are big population displacements – as there were, contemporaneous to the founding of Israel, in Europe and the Indian sub-continent – but one side wins and the other makes do with what it can get and the dust settles.

The energy expended by the world in denying this particular regional crisis the traditional settlement is unique and perverse, except insofar as by ensuring that the “Palestinian question” is never resolved one is also ensuring that Israel’s sovereignty is also never really settled: it, too, is conditional – and, to judge from recent columns in The Washington Post and The Times of London, it’s increasingly seen that way in influential circles – the Jew is tolerated as a current leaseholder but, as in Anthony Hope’s Ruritania, he can never truly own the land. Once again the Jews are rootless transients, though, in one of history’s blacker jests, they’re now bemoaned in the salons of London and Paris as an outrageous imposition of an alien European population on the Middle East.


4 Responses

  1. It has been said many times before by wiser and better writers than me that the Jews are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. I do believe that the worst is yet to come. Just as Hitler had outlined his plans, the nut jobs from Iran have surely outlined theirs. The longer we put off any action to deter this type of behavior, the bloodier the coming events will be.

  2. Steyn is eloquent, and spot on. This should be required reading.
    Rockdalian, you are right. Unfortunately, people prefer to deny a problem until it is inevitable and can no longer be ignored. By then, of course, it is so much harder to contain and control. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  3. Since we are on the topic of fiction ,Potter,religion et al, test this, and you don’t have to go to the snobby salons of Paris or London to talk or write about it.Moses and the story of the Exodus and the Promised Land is no more truer than Disney’s Fantasy Land and/or Gabriel/Mohammed/KoranLand story beginnings.It is all fiction ,made up by illiterates ,who had an axe to grind or some feet to lick to stay in favour,though I must admit their stories have more imagination than Rowlings(smart rich chick,who was the idiot who dumped her,hmm I’m pretty sure she dumped him . . but I digress?) Potter.Now where was I ? Oh yes,furthermore with regards to the Jewish Promised Land between God and Moses “This supposed “convenant” is the basis for a nineteenth-century irredentist claim to Palestine that has brought endless trouble up to the present day.” Here is some advice for all the petty muggles of the world grow up and don’t be so worried and afraid of the dark and where you are going to end up.Relax because we are ALL ending up in the same place. Dump religion now and start over before it destroys everything.We can’t afford the time for it to slowly evolve away !

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