Bay Area women, beware!

This is very bad news:

The Lincoln Avenue rapist is free to walk Lincoln Avenue again, or anywhere else he pleases – without a tracking device.

Patrick Henry Ghilotti, the notorious San Rafael serial rapist, was released from state supervision Thursday and may travel wherever he chooses.

Although living at home in Vacaville with his wife since his release from prison three years ago, his movement has been monitored by two tracking devices and his travel restricted by limitations including a curfew.

Ghilotti served five years in prison for seven rapes in San Rafael in the 1970s, then 12 more years following his conviction in 1986 for four rapes in Ross and Corte Madera.

Ghilotti, 51, was granted the release despite misgivings of the Marin County District Attorney’s Office and the Vacaville Police Department.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Kathryn Mitchell told the court that her office hired a psychologist to evaluate Ghilotti’s suitability for discharge from the conditional release program. In the doctor’s opinion, Ghilotti, who underwent voluntary castration, was unlikely to resume sexual crimes.

“I do not agree, but my opinion is not evidence,” Mitchell said. “Absent any evidence other than the history of Mr. Ghilotti, there is no evidence I can produce that is counter to the conditional release.”

Marin Superior Court Judge Stephen Graham said under the law there was nothing he could do to block the release. He offered Vacaville police officers the opportunity to speak but said their statements would have no impact.

Although rape uses sex as the means of committing the crime, it’s not really about sex — it’s about power.  I therefore have my doubts about the effects his castration will have on Ghilotti.  He’s a perfect candidate for recidivism, and certainly most experts who have examined him feel that he’s a real risk.


5 Responses

  1. Well, surely progressive San Francisco wouldn’t let a man wander around endangering women…

  2. I disagree. Rape is about sex. It has an element of power and humiliation to it, of course, but then so do most assaults. The rape = power claim is one made by feminists in need of evidence for the ubiquitous and oppresive “patriarchy.” It reinforces “group identity” and justifies calls for group rights and “social justice.”

    Jack the Ripper was probably all about power, and Ted Bundy’s crimes probably had an elevated importance of power and humiliation to them, buy most rapes are primarily about sex. No doubt, the power imbalance increases sexual sensation and gratification, but that would also be the case with the frat boy holding the geek girls head while she gives him a blow job. There is an element of power there, but it’s all about sexual gratification.

  3. It depends.

    There’s sadism, religious motivated rapes such as the Islamic Jihad mentality, and decadent thrills based upon Nero symptoms.

    The two sets of motivations, power and sexual gratification, are so inter-tangled that you can only categorize the person based upon which side of the swing he tends toward.

    It is true that you tend to get some malignant narcissists that setup a continual abuse of a woman and plans it out ahead of time using psychological intimidation and then increasing the level and number of techniques, usually ending in murder.

    I saw one such incident reshown on a tv program, but forgot the names. He got away clean because they couldn’t find any evidence, when the evidence was under the floorboards of his house, the pictures he had taken of his ex-girlfriend’s last moments.

  4. We can hope castration works.

    And if it doesn’t, we can hope that the first person he picks to rape has a gun.

  5. I don’t believe castration after adulthood eliminates the ability to attain an erection. In any case, testosterone isn’t going to be terribly difficult for this guy to find, is it?

    There’s a reason the Colt revolver was called “the equalizer”, ladies….don’t forget it. Give him a charge he won’t remember for very long!

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