The 9/11 Truthers are goons

The definition for “goon,” from

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goon (gōōn) Pronunciation Key
n. Slang

  1. A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents.
  2. A stupid or oafish person.

[Probably ultimately short for gooney, simpleton.]


That pretty much sums up the 9/11 Truthers behind this dreadful story:

THIS time, they’ve gone too far. A group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists – whackos who deny that jumbo jets brought down the World Trade Center – is on the attack. But their latest target isn’t the government, which they claim destroyed the buildings with explosives.

They’re using a vicious Internet assault to pick on an elderly widow.

“They’re dirty sons of bastards! They are not real men,” feisty Ellen Mariani, 69, told me. Ellen lost her husband aboard United 175 on Sept. 11, 2001.

“They have no respect for women, no respect for the dead and no respect for little children who now have been orphaned.”

Ellen is the subject of a blistering battering on the Web site of an outfit that calls itself “9/11 Researchers.” While conspiracy theories are nothing new – Rosie O’Donnell gave voice on “The View” to the belief the government was involved - these bozos blast fellow conspiracy groups for not going far enough.

On their Web site, Ellen’s current, private home address is listed for every whack job to see. There also is “evidence” that her husband helped plan the attacks.

How could a retired, 58-year-old deliveryman help plan the destruction of the Twin Towers? The proof, presented as a kind of “gotcha!” smoking gun, is strikingly shallow.

Linked to the Web site is a copy of a deed transferring her husband’s real property to Ellen. He took it out on July 26, 2001, 47 days before the trade center was destroyed.

As further “proof” that Louis Mariani – who went by his middle name, Neil – was involved, the Web site posts the lease transferring management rights of the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein. The lease was taken out two days before Louis Mariani put his property in Ellen’s name. Aha!

Confused? So am I.

The Web site is the work of a Rick Siegel, who hawks DVDs that purport to prove the trade center’s destruction was an inside job. He is partners with Nico Haupt, who is known for sending blistering e-mail rants to trade-center survivors.

My attempts to reach both men were fruitless.

What makes the whole thing even more bizarre is that Mariani herself is a low level Truther. The whole thing is wicked, from start to finish.


11 Responses

  1. And the domestic insurgency chugs right along, for all to see.

    As I said before, being soft on any insurgency will inevitably bring red ruin and tears. They wll never go away unless you make them go away.

    The whole thing is wicked, from start to finish.

    Uh, you mean that in a bad way, right?

    As for Mari being a Truther, there’s always people on the sidelines or in between the two narratives, that can switch their beliefs around from one side to another. They are the fish from which insurgencies survive on.

    The odd thing is that the loonies are picking on Ellen. She has been outspoken in insisting that the government knows more about the attacks than it is admitting. But a source familiar with the groups says they tend to target people who fall short of their extreme anti-Semitic, anti-everything views.

    The first people that the Revolution will purge after they ascend to dominance, will be the “non-extreme” faction, so to speak. You got to be Real Marxist, not Kind of Marxist. More Marxist than the other Maxists. Like Stalin was more Marxist than Trotsky, and that’s why Trotsky disappeared.

  2. Oh btw, they’re jumping the gun. It is only after the Revolution, when you have gotten rid of the old regime such as the US Rangers, US Marines, Special Forces, SEAL Teams, etc that you get to purge the non-extremist factions of the armed gorrila forces.

    Don’t these people know the script they are supposed to follow? First purge the old regime supporters fully and irrevocably, then turn on yourselves. Jeez.

  3. We battle the 9-11 Truthers daily; unfortunately Peyser seems to have bought the notion that she should side with Mariani. This is Truther Wars; a pox on both their houses.

  4. If Mariani is a 9-11 lie promoter (calling them “truthers” is like calling concentration camp guards “victims”), then I have no sympathy for her. If these lying filth are turning on each other, so much the better.

  5. Too bad, Ellen – sorry you had to wait until so late in life to discover the concept of karma. If they’re
    “dirty sons of bastards,” what does that make you?

  6. It would be more like calling concentration camp guards “guardians”.

    There was nothing specific concerning Mariani, btw, in the news piece. It only said that she believed that there are things the government aren’t telling us about 9/11. Which tends to be true for everything, so on its face it is nothing incriminating.

  7. “…there are things the government aren’t telling us about 9/11…” is usually a polite euphemism for “BUSH AND THE JEWS DID IT!”

  8. Analytical models cannot rely upon too much euphemisms and probability calculators. Otherwise it tends to produce too many false positives.

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  10. phrase reversal. Cannot rely too much upon.


    That’s a speech by Conway, Book. Might be more pleasant reading than the Truthergoon squad.

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