Some prisoners have more political clout than others

The press is full of stories today about Olmert’s deal with Fatah to free hundreds of Palestinians currently in Israeli prisons.  During all these maneuverings, no mention is made of the three Israelis held prisoner for over a year — Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.  The UN is utterly passive.  Ordinary people haven’t forgotten, however, and Atlas Shrugs has incredibly comprehensive coverage of a well-attended rally outside the UN urging the UN to get off its corrupt, anti-Semitic butt and do something.  Check it out.  (Funnily enough, I don’t recall seeing any coverage in the MSM.  Is it there and I missed it?  Or did the MSM miss it?  Let me know, since I don’t have time to look now, but am heading for childcare duty.)


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  1. The press is full of stories today about Olmert’s deal with Fatah to free hundreds of Palestinians currently in Israeli prisons.

    Nice, eh, Book? There’s always hope. So long as the DP isn’t implemented. Hope for more and more.

    Where there is life there is hope. Where there isn’t… there isn’t, is there.

    The UN is utterly passive.

    Passively and actively aggressive.

  2. Israel is the perfect answer why democracy, if you just around for it, will be totally ineffective in defeating terrorism in the long term. And if Israel isn’t the long term example of terrorism, then nothing is.

    Israel inevitably responds to terrorist attacks, and never carries out unilateral invasions of its own, often being stopped by the US even after Saddam fired SCUDs into Israel.

    That is what the Left wants. So take a good look at how the Left treats the inevitable results of their own handiwork. That destiny will be the US’s should a Democrat ascend to the White House and prepared to rule.

  3. Sounds sort of like somebody (Olmert) is being a bit too clever for his and his country’s own good: the international aid package that’s on the table sounds like a huge bribe for Fatah, and the release deal is letting out a bunch of gunmen whom, the Israelis hope — will go shoot at Hamas.

  4. Sorry, that should be “if you waited around for democracy”.

  5. Hamas and Fatah also rely upon Israeli funds to conduct terrorist attacks on Israelis and maintaining terror/indoctrination training camps. I know it is more complex than that, but a lot of things, including this prisoner “exchange”, are more complex than they appear.

  6. Is anyone suggesting that no “Palestinian” terrorists get out of Israel until the three Israelis are allowed to come home?

    Olmert, for instance? Anyone?

  7. Israelis have often exchanged hundreds if not thousands of Palestinian children killers for one or two Israelis. It is not a tradition that they wish to change, it seems.

  8. But this time, Y, they’re not getting any Israelis in exchange. For the Palestinians, it’s pure “something for nothing.” Although, if my memory is correct, Hamas kidnapped some of the soldiers, not Fatah, so Fatah can help only by being Israel’s proxy in the war against Hamas. I’d be very scared if I were Israel to have Fatah as even a temporary ally. All I can think of is what happened to the Russian/American “alliance” immediately at the end of WWII.

  9. I never really paid attention to these terrorist trade deals. It is not just because they don’t describe the details that goes on behind the scenes, either, because the details I could deduce given the number of deals other folks have made for hostages, American or foreign, lately. (Jill Caroll or other journalists) Rather, it is primarily because I don’t want to know how to deal with terrorists and do little “deals”. I am far more interested in learning how to smash them and cripple their ability to think, feel, and operate.

    Besides, Israel hasn’t had Olmert for PM before during all those other trade deals. Presumably, of course.

    But this time, Y, they’re not getting any Israelis in exchange.

    maybe Olmert got a promise from Fatah that they would do something. It reminds me of the promises various other orgs keep making to the friends and families of the hostagee, that they would act as the middle man and “negotiate” a solution so to speak. Of course, more money means faster solution.

    I once heard the personal testimony/comment from jone Israeli that was traded back to his country, that there is this pride and tradition amongst Israelis that go into effect once they are captured. Meaning, every Israeli knows that they will be returned to Israel, regardless of the cost, for one Israeli life is worth more than thousands of Palestinian lives. Now if that was actually true, Israel would be executing 10 Palestinians every day until the safe return of all Israeli hostages. But…. let’s not get into that at the moment.

  10. Your instincts are correct. The majority of news item when I Googled “Goldwasser” are from Israeli or Jewish sources. I hadn’t even thought about that, but your cynicism is deserved.

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