England — birthplace of awful political systems

I used to live in the North of England, before it became Islamisized. I doubt I’d recognize it now. When Earl sent me a link to an article entitled “My brother the bomber,” which traces the trajectory one of Britain’s 7/7 bombers took from ordinary northern Muslim to mass murderer, I thought I’d read about recognizable things. I didn’t. The new Britain is an utterly alien place, open to influences no one even contemplated 25 years ago.

I’m having the same lack of recognition when I read Melanie Phillip’s Londonistan, which describes the radicalization of England’s Muslim population (with lots of help from radical immigrant Islamists, kicked out of their own countries).  I’ve actually had Londonistan on my reading list — and available to me — for months, but I haven’t been able to make myself read it.  Melanie Phillip’s is a superb writer, both lucid and vivid but, for a long time, I avoided reading this book the same way I would avoiding watching a car wreck unfold.  You know what’s going to happen, and the outcome is too terrible to contemplate.

It also pained me on a level entirely separate from the fact that London, specifically, and Great Britain, by extension, have become completely radioactive when it comes to disseminating the worst and most violent forms of Islam throughout the world.  It pained me because the book truly sounds the death knell of a very lovely time in my life, which was my sojourn in England, an England that was just starting down Thatcher’s road to recovery.

When I lived there so long ago, I was especially delighted that I had the opportunity to live in the North, because it was still the “real” England, as opposed to the more internationalized (and definitely more tourist oriented) South.  People up North still spoke with strong regional accents, and traced their ancestors back hundreds of years.  Now, when I read books about the North, I learn about a place where entire towns are indistinguishable from backwards villages in Pakistan.  It’s very depressing, more so because the English have been so leeched of any sense of self and morality, that they’ve passively watched as their world has been destroyed.

An aside, related to Phillips’ book:  Phillips notes that Al Qaeda essentially got its start in Britain, because that’s where the money and organization first flowed to set up its structure and spread its ideas.  I couldn’t help remembering that it was during his exile in England that Karl Marx lived out most of his life, and where he wrote the books that seeded modern C0mmunism.  Indeed, it was the fact that London has served as a petri dish for two of the most destructive political ideologies of our time that gave me the title for this post.


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  1. Good Morning Bookworm,

    It is very sad where Britain has gone. I don’t think they are entirely lost, though time for them is very short.

    The entire world is undergoing a radical, revolutionary change. I daresay most people even here in the United States would not recognize their hometown if they hadn’t seen it for a few years. I know of many people who are uneasy because they’ve lost their moorings. The small town where they grew up is not populated with hundreds of thousands of people. The cityscape of many urban areas have complete changed. For instance, the once dominant Little Italy in New York is now just a few blocks inside the much larger Chinatown.

    What’s more, it feels like everything is changing. People’s behaviors aren’t the same, social trends increase ever faster. Britain has changed from staunchly pro-US to staunchly anti-US in everything but name. Europe is descending into yet another Islamic Conquest. The US is starting to drift into incoherency. China when from agrarian society into robotic high-tech in one generation. Russia is imploding demographically and has become a society of mobsters and prostitutes.

    I can go on describing the social upheavals of the world ad infinitum. Britain is just one more example…

    … and I think all this is terribly sad. The world turns, the gyre widens. The falcon cannot hear the falconer. Things fall apart. The center isn’t holding…

    I think the US has the best chance out of all the nations to ride out this worldwide social upheaval and to ride out the storm that EVERYONE sees is coming. We already see the storm clouds on the horizon. Even now we feel the light gusts of cold wash over us…

    Happy Monday.

    I’ll try to be more chipper next time 🙂

  2. I hold out a little more hope for America, but not much. John Edwards just today was blithering about how the way to defeat terrorism is to look to the “root causes,” i.e. the usual crap: poverty, alienation, disaffection, etc., etc.

    Hey! Breck Girl! In the most recent go-round they were DOCTORS! Bin Laden’s family are BILLIONAIRES! Poverty has nothing to do with it, nor does alienation or disaffection!

    Let me adjust my opening remark: I hold out a little mnore hope for America IF we can avoid a democrat administration in 2008 – reality is foreign to them.

    But as Melanie Philips points out, at least we’re having the discussion in this country. There is some engagement occurring, we aren’t just rolling over and playing dead as the British did. That’s cause for at least some hope.

  3. I read Londonistan last year and had to keep putting it down as I contemplated (like JJ)a democrat administration in 2008. Phillips speaks the truth powerfully, but also bravely. I’d love to see her wipe the floor w/that Canadian TV host you posted.

  4. I have always wanted to visit England. I read where Patrick Stewart, aka Cap’n Picard, left the US in a snit over the election of George Bush. Since he is from Northern England and now dean of one of the universities in Northern Yorkshire, he must be supremely happy that the Klingons have overtaken his quiet planet. I hope this spokesman for suffering women everywhere will look kindly to the suffering muslim women in his quadrant of the planet, since they are likely to make up the majority of the small towns and suburbs of Northern England….as for me…I need a good stout ale and a round of boistrous singing….care to join me in singing “Jerusalem”? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  5. For me, the tipping point was the behavior of the Royal Marines under Iranian captivity. The photo of the stupid, alcohol-glazed face of Mr. Bean yucking it up in a bar after the event has become the face of the “new” Britain. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article1655018.ece

    Londonistan is inevitable because it will fill a dark, empty soul-less void and I doubt that the British have the will to resist.

    It’s very sad – there’s a cold, lonely wind blowing in our future. We’ll miss them. There but for the Grace of God…

  6. Arnold Toynbee, in his sweeping study of world history, finds that civilizations flare up, or in his words, efflorence, into brillianmce just before they go into their long demise. Maybe this is what we are seeing with the West.

    As far as Britain, I’m utterly disgusted with the vast majority of them. We should invite the right thinking ones among them over here, and let those with a mind for dhimmitude stay there with their hyena-like masters (the analogy is with the Lion King, which seems particularly apt to me)

  7. Well, Pacificus….if my brother gets his way, they’d better hurry and make the decision. He says “Apply to immigrate by 2015, and get here by 2020, because after that the door is closed to Europeans, and you get to live with the mess you made for yourselves….” I am getting to like this idea more and more.

  8. Wouldn’t it be simpler just to say `Britain-birthplace of most political systems’? Not that I disagree very much with the post-although I think it’s somwhat exaggerated. I could make a very good case for a similar amount of degradation of the USA based on what I read over here.

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