Canadian nut TV confronts wise woman

I don’t need to tell you how about Islamism (that is, extreme Islam aimed at reinstating Sharia law worldwide), nor how dreadful I think it is. I also don’t need to tell you how I admire Ayaan Hirsi Ali.  Nor do I need to tell you that many in the media today, all evidence to the contrary, feel that Muslims are the victims and that American is a Christian theocracy peopled solely with wild-eye Christians with blood dripping from their fingers and their teeth.  I don’t need to tell you all this.  But you should see this video which has Hirsi Ali politely take on a Canadian media type who seems truly to believe that America is the most evil, repressive, racist country in the world.  He’s an idiot, and I would say an evil idiot, because one has to consciously abandon reason and knowledge to reach his ultimate conclusions.  It’s therefore slightly nauseating to watch him.  Ali holds her own, but polite reason is never going to beat down evil ideology.


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  1. Thanks for this post, BW. What a beautiful woman! Her education and good will shine through and the mind-numbed host didn’t lay a glove on her. I needed that after reading a four-page on-line AP story staying basically that tall is good, Americans used to be taller, and if we only had socialized medicine here, we could be as tall as people in the Netherlands.

  2. He was looking for a wet nurse, and all he got was the dry heave-ho.

  3. What I really liked about Ayaan Hirsi Ali is how she could smile so sweetly as she absolutely and effortlessly skewered that little turd. What amazed me is that the turd seemed so cluelessly and condescendingly unaware as she sliced and diced him into irrelevant flotsam: the explanation must be that he has an advanced university degree. I also had to keep reminding myself that English is her…fourth language, perhaps, learned in adulthood. What an incredible human being!

  4. I’ve read the woman’s book and she has had to deal with much more formidable adversaries than this oleaginous media bien pesant from Toronto. There is a huge failure of imagination and empathy on the part of these people: they can only comprehend the world in terms of their comfortable bourgeoisie existence, their privileges and relative safety, and hence you have the most insulated provincial attitudes wearing the thin mask of worldliness, cynicism and chic radicalism.

  5. Come the Revolution, these peeps believe that they will ascend to power and dominance. But as Yuri said, that ain’t going to happen, is it.

    He’s an idiot, and I would say an evil idiot, because one has to consciously abandon reason and knowledge to reach his ultimate conclusions.

    Not necessarily, Book. You would be surprised at what you can make a person do and make him believe that he is doing it on his own will, with the proper balance of conditioning and treatments. Consciousness requires strength of will to maintain, you know. It is so easy to let our various impulses and what nots direct our actions in life. How much easier then would it be to allow another’s impulses to direct our actions, to leave the decision making to the Masters rather than than take on the responsibility and burden by ourselves.

    They are very useful idiots. For a time.

  6. The Revolution already happened, Y, and these peeps have ascended to power and dominance. That’s why some guy like Ari Lewis has his own TV show in metro Toronto.

  7. I just watched the Video. [Which the technology used to show it is so inferior to Youtube, that it is rather embarassing really]

    This is a good example of that Spycraft and Idiotcraft post I did recently. If you want to destroy a system, you need people from the inside that know that system intimately. You need them for two reasons. Motivation and Expertise. Only those from the Left, can understand the Left. This is not to ridicule the efforts of those that were always on the Right, it is just to explain a truism. Only those that have personal experience of a system or belief, can know how to destroy it. And if that system is bad, then only such a person from inside that system will have the strongest motivations To destroy it.

    This applies to the Soviet defectors, the Arab allies of America, and to Hirsi. Understand this, for it is one of the simple truisms that run the cogs of humanity.

    Inside jobs have been around siege warcraft and human attempts to annihilate each other since the dawn of time, it seems.

    You notice how surprised he is in reaction to the things Hirsi says? This man obviously believes in what he says, and he obviously thinks just as we do. That you would have to be conditioned and been re-educated to have such beliefs. But of course, what is the real truth in essence? Which one of us were re-educated and conditioned to spout the lines that the Masters told us to?

    Ah, that’s a tricky question isn’t it. The two narratives, Hirsi’s and her opponent’s, are competing narratives so to speak. Competing power structures, competing Alpha males so to speak, etc.

    Hirsi is very good at controlling the narrative, not letting the rather psychologically strong points the guy was making, to throw her off her line. Her narrative. Control the narrative, and you control a lot other things in human belief circles.

    Her point about “North American Muslims” feeling under siege was “historically, other people being oppressed left”. Hilarifrackingness people. One, score points in the public debate. Two, try and get rid of your enemies at the same time. Marvelous. That’s the kind of stuff you needed in Byzantine politics, folks. Every attack or word must have 2+ different aspects at the ready. More than one spear in our arsenal.

    She didn’t mention Schwarzenegger concerning “no money American school cliches” bit. Could be because she’s new here.

  8. She said “it’s different” in response to “is there anti-semitism”. Now Bush (or Boosh) would have said… well let your imaginations work on that.

    It is important to see past the “cra*”, and in order to do that you must understand how the other person thinks. And the best way to do that is to have thought along the same lines yourself at one point in your life. Or at least be intimately familiar with such thoughts through study and friends and events.

    Bookworm Room
    She escaped from the belly of the liberal beast

    Omg, I just heard her say “my point isn’t that when Democrats are in office, everyone is happy, and when Republicans are in office, everything is good”. Hilarious. She sneaked that attack in and I didn’t even notice it, even though I knew what she said the firs ttime she said it. Lovely use of the foil as an additional attack.

    Well, back to the beast thing. If the beast is too powerful for you to attack from the outside, you need an inside agent to rip it a new one from the inside out, in my view.

    Iraq is a great recruiting tool for the Grand American Alliance.

  9. The Revolution already happened, Y, and these peeps have ascended to power and dominance.

    That wasn’t the Marxist-Socialist-Global Warming revolution. That was just people voting under the US Constitutional system. So long as the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are still existent and powerful, revolution hasn’t come.

  10. OK, I’ll accept that, Y. But I was thinking of the Liberal Consensus, and the kind of social democratic welfare state, as having become ascendant over the last 50 years.

  11. […] in the Cause Filed under: Unconventional Warfare, Politics — ymarsakar @ 8:40 pm Here she is. This is a direct link to her video at CBC. Canadian Broadcasting […]

  12. Oh that. I would call that Sadr Lite. You build up your grassroots network, grab some weapons training and caches, and then prepare. For the Day.

    However, the useful idiots on the Left were never designed to be the ones that would benefit from violent and bloody revolution, that would be the Soviets. However, the Soviets sort of ran out on us and them, and so the Left is left to deal with the Day on their own terms and via their own limitations. Which is why the United States military and folks of that sort have most of the weapons and weapons training, not the Left.

    The last 50 years were just preparing the ground for the eventual Return of the Masters. But the Left are like weeds, nobody came for them, so they started doing their own thing. Like Global Warming. Run away greenhouse effect, you might say.

  13. Smug Mr. Lewis, spewing the party line put a smile on my face. Usually he sits in tyhe company of others who think exactly as he does and spout the same stupidity. He is so terribly, embarrassingly uninformed and misinformed. But she simply skewered him when she told him that he has never lived under totalitarianism, and she has. He does not appreciate freedom because he has no idea what it is like to live without it.

  14. Yuri stated that these half believers so to speak, like Lewis, might become the revolution’s most bitter enemies once they find out the realities of their dreams. Once they realize that their dreams were nothing but self-delusions and fantasies, they would lash out. Hopefully in the right direction.

    Which is why folks like lewis are the first to be slated for executions once the old regime has been eliminated.

    The Soviets were not known for their squemishness, after all. Still aren’t, given the Russian antics concerning poisoned radioactive tea…

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