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I am a huge fan of internet radio, especially because I don’t have much radio reception where I live. I listen to news and music this way. As for music, the fact is that an internet radio station, unlike a broadcast station, doesn’t have much in the way of commercial revenue to support it. Nevertheless, it fulfills a commercial purpose for the music industry, since people like me who don’t, or can’t, listen to radio, learn what’s out there musically. Indeed, if I like something I hear, with the push of a button I can buy it, something that caters to impulse buyers who can’t satisfy their impulses that quickly when seated in their cars. It’s very strange, therefore, that the music industry wants to increase dramatically the revenues charged against these sites, but they do, and my favorite internet music site, Pandora, is in an absolute panic right now:

Emergency for Internet Radio!

Yesterday our last ditch effort to delay the onset of the rates through legal channels was turned down.

This puts us three days away from the beginning of the end of internet radio. Our last hope now is the Internet Radio Equality Act and the force of the collective voice of our listeners.

Please call your congressperson today! Even if you’ve already called, please call again and ask them to force immediate action on this bill. If the phone is busy, please try again later.

I’ve tried to summarize the situation in the video post referenced here.

As always, thank you again for your tremendous support.

Tim (Founder)

UPDATE: Grassroots phone calls to Congress are working.  However, if this is something that interests you, don’t think the matter is over.  There’s just been a temporary reprieve, so calls are still needed.


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  1. It’s very strange, therefore, that the music industry wants to increase dramatically the revenues charged against these sites, but they do, and my favorite internet music site, Pandora, is in an absolute panic right now:

    It is not strange at all. Like most conglomerates and big business networks, they want to depress competition. Music stations that provide free publicity for starting up artists and singers gets in the way of the large DRM system setup with the big stars in mind. The agents and what not for the big names don’t particularly need or even want any publicity that they cannot control, so while they lose some sales through their digital rights controls and lawsuits, it doesn’t matter to them in the long run. After all, they represent those that have already made it big in the industry, they’re not paid to represent the interests of the person that actually needs name recognition, Book.

    What Pandora and the internet radio stations are up against is pretty simple. It’s a unionized system that seeks to draw political power to themselves through the control of who gets to be a competitor in the industry or not. If you want to work, then you work by the union rules, and that is it. In order to do that, they sort of have to run out the non-conformists, because they believe music should only be their legacy and status quo networks or CD sales.

    It’s always been a case of large vs small, that the large has more resources to draw upon. So what’s a few legislations and deals with government, so long as it benefits the dealers in the long term? This is also another result of giving government more power. The more power the government has to regulate businesses, the more businesses get put out of business and the more large businesses scramble to make deals with the government, cementing and combining corporate power with government power if only to survive.

    These general trends were hinted at by outsourcing. Opportunity and maintaining the status quo are pretty much opposites. Those that wish to maintain the status quo in America are inevitably the ones complaining about a loss of revenue due to industries taking their business outside the US. So long as they get the end profits, I don’t think they really care except perhaps to look good by making themselves up as the enemy of their own allies.

  2. Small businesses that are just beginning and innovating, have extremely small safety margins concerning profit loss. They are at the very edge due to the fact that they do not have huge conglomerate financial backing. After all Murdoch was only able to buy up his huge network of information businesses because he could risk the revenue generating power of his other huge network of media businesses. When you only got one source of revenue and that revenue is the thing you are sinking your profits into maintaining, then essentially what might just annoy a Big Business as a fly hit would be lethal to a small business.

    And this is how Congress likes it. Especially the Left and the status quo loyalists.

    There are two essential reasons why people want increased hikes in royalty. One, the large media businesses hate not having control over sales and therefore they believe in taxes and more taxes rather than allowing people to choose whether to buy their licensed music or not. Two, the politicians want the backing of the lobbyists and therefore are not all that much against taking some bribes and favors in return for passing legislation favoring Big Business and crapping on small ones.

    As in all wars, both the politicians and Digital Rights Media fanatics have weakness points, that if you destroy, will cripple them with pain and motivate them into changing their behavior. But of course, these things always require power, sometimes Presidential level. This is why the Presidential veto is so important, because aside from Executive orders to arrest politicians and leaders in the industry, the veto is one of his most effective means to gain political control over the politicians and the businesses. All 3 branches of the government were designed to look out for everyone, not just the invested interests, but if one failed, then the other branch was supposed to come to the rescue with their powers, if only to spite its competitive branches.

    I’m writing this comment as I watch the vid. My last comment was just on my own deductions and thoughts, so take the differences as you may.

    I despise insecure media leaders and politicians. For all their power, they are nothing more than children, satisfying themselves with instant gratification for themselves and nobody else. They don’t wish to help anyone that actually needs it and deserves it, especially not the up and coming folks in the media industry. My, that might threaten the status quo. It would be amusing except for the fact that those crying the loudest against Big Business and corruption (pillowC) are the ones most in bed with such organizations and efforts. This simple deduction can be easily tested.

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