Red Ken gets some real competition

Ken Livingstone (aka “Red” Ken) has been Mayor of London for way too long (since 2000, actually, but it seems like longer). Although he’s technically Labour, his views are far, far to the Left of the Labour party Tony Blair created. He’s anti-American (or, more accurately, he suffers from Bush Derangement Syndrome), anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, not to mention the fact that he panders to the worst of the Islamists.  He may finally have met his nemesis, however. Boris Johnson, the incredibly popular Tory MP, newspaper columnist, and TV personality, has announced that he intends to run for Mayor of London, challenging Red Ken:

Boris Johnson, the Tory MP, has decided he will run as a candidate in the London mayoral contest.

An announcement from Mr Johnson, which could come as early as today, will electrify the race and pose the most serious challenge to Ken Livingstone’s hopes of winning a third term.

Mr Johnson, a columnist on The Daily Telegraph, is the party’s best known MP. His appeal extends across party lines and he has become a regular on television panel games, such as Have I Got News For You.

David Cameron, the Conservative leader, who has talked privately to Mr Johnson about the job, will be delighted the Conservatives can field such a high-profile candidate. Mr Johnson discussed his future with local party officials in his Henley constituency yesterday.

Mr Johnson’s failure to secure a promotion to the shadow cabinet in last week’s reshuffle was a factor in his decision to run against Mr Livingstone next May.

Johnson is a rather squishy conservative by American standards, but he’s significantly better than Livingstone, and certainly more reasonable in this thinking. I wish him well in September’s election.


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  1. With a name like Boris, what, other than a good healthy fear can follow. At least we hope. Better Boris than Borat, I always say.

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