My vote for the Darwin Awards

I don’t get it. Mass stupidity?

Hat tip: Drudge

UPDATE: By the way, here’s someone who is a clear Darwin survivor, because he did something incredibly clever and useful with his brains and energy.


6 Responses

  1. Always glad to see the bulls nail a few of these silly bastards.

  2. Should they be allowed to breed (the humans, I mean)?

  3. Fans of Hemingway’s philosophy, no doubt. What more can be said?

  4. Man, that Cornershot is impressive.

  5. No kidding. I would love to see how fast one of those CornerShots can be used. It would seem that the “shootee” would hear the camera/gun before the shooter had a chance to pull the trigger.

    Still – I love the idea.


  6. Did you see that picture of the bull’s horns? Not even any blood. Fast shot. Another shot in the mix had a horn up his buttocks.

    This is hilarious, and what’s more painful-funny is that these people seem proud of their moment.

    I suppose prey has to be proud of something. The only thing worse than being the hunted is allowing yourself to be caught by the hunter.

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