Listen and learn

Curt was right.  You have to listen to the two Hugh Hewitt spots he highlights here.


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  1. Excellent links, Book. Thank you for posting them.

    Here is a related link which I think ought to be required reading by anyone before concluding whether the surge has succeeded or not:

    This is an excellent piece by a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army and an internationally recognized expert in counterinsurgency. Having been with the troops on the ground for the last six weeks, he argues persuasively that it is far too early to determine whether or not the surge has succeeded since we have only now completed the first phase — troop buildup and deployment. The next phase, which involves a change in strategy away from pursuing insurgents toward protecting civilians, is just beginning and will take months to complete.

    I believe this new strategy has great promise for success — particularly in light of what appears to be growing civilian opposition to militant Islamist insurgency, but as Kilcullen points out, it will take time to bear fruit. In my opinion, however, this is a “course” worth “staying”.

    I hope that others who read your post will read this one as well and comment on it.

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