Another round of quality winners at the Watcher’s Council

I found voting in this week’s Watcher’s Council elections exceptionally difficult, because the quality of the submissions was more than usually good (and that’s saying a lot). I could easily have awarded first place to every submission, and it was with a great deal of difficulty that I pared my votes down to what I believed were the two best council submissions and two best non-council submissions. As it is, I’m very pleased with the top winners in each category. So, without further ado:

On the Watcher’s Council side, first place went to High Noonan by Big Lizards, a less than complimentary analysis of Peggy Noonan’s political views (and, with her, the views of other Reagan acolytes who resist addressing any problem that did not exist and was not solved during Reagan’s administration). Since I’ve never understood the love affair with Noonan (I find her writing rather vapid, at best), I have to say that I agree with everything he says. Second place went to JoshuaPundit for The NYT — “Run Away! Run Away!”, a much-needed expose of the the NYT’s dishonest and cowardly defeatist philosophy.

For non-Council submissions, first place went to Interview With Todd Bensman by View From a Height. Bensman is the author of a much-publicized series of articles in the San Antonio Express-News about our porous borders. In the winning post, his interview sums up the high points of his series, all of which sound a warning knell about our border. Second place went to Zombietime‘s incredible photo essay about an Anti-American July 4th celebration in San Francisco.  By the way, if you’re not already familiar with Zombietime’s photographic windows into the insanity that periodically erupts by the San Francisco Bay, this is a good time to get started.  This is one intrepid photographer, going to some pretty scary-weird (and often unintentionally funny) places.


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