YouTube and videos about women’s rights (not) under Sharia

Yesterday, I attempted to post a video in which a Bahraini women’s right activist talked on Bahrain TV about issues affecting women and girls under Sharia law.  A few hours later, that video had vanished from YouTube, as had a score of other videos on the same issue.  I’m trying again today with another video on the same point.  Let’s see if this lasts more than a few hours:


3 Responses

  1. Good for her!

    Of course, trying getting any nutcase on the left to watch that……….


  2. Now that’s what I call cajones!

    I wonder why liberal groups put a higher emphasis on multi-culturalism than they do on the rights of women and children. Maybe the way to elicit some support from the Left is to post some films about the treatment of dogs, donkeys, and animals under Islam. Then there’d be some courageous protest from Peta. After all, even in the US the ASPCA was established before any child abuse protective services were. The first child abuse case here was actually tried under the ASPCA because there was nothing in place to protect kids.

    But what she is saying is that in Bahrain, there is NOTHING in place to protect a battered woman or a sexually abused or physically abused girl- there is literally NO WAY OUT except to get the hell out of Dodge. And in Saudi Arabia and other places it is even worse because a woman can’t leave the house without male escort, she is completely shrouded and hidden, she can’t drive, and she has no recourse. She must submit to the will of Allah.

  3. The Islamic Jihad has groups specifically paid or whatever to go on YouTube and try to ban these types of videos. I’ve noticed this on other videos as well. Whenever you have something that strikes to the heart of the truth, the Left and their allies all raise up arms against it. Cartoon Jihad was perhaps something a bit too public.

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