Undoing one of the triumphs of the modern age

One of the wonders of the modern era is the concord between Christians and Jews, something unprecedented before our time.  (Pastor John Hagee gave a rousing speech at AIPAC, for example, lauding the shared beliefs and values of these two groups.)  Marguerite, however, alerted me to an American Thinker post which points to the fact that liberals, having brought their anti-Semitic views to American universities, are now seeking to undo this precious harmony between Jews and Christians:

Now the efforts to weaken support for Israel are being directed to Evangelical Christians. Jimmy Carter – the beneficiary of millions of dollars in Arab petrodollars – has become a ringleader in the effort. The Arab embassies are again playing a role, as the Egyptian Embassy hosts a meeting between ambassadors from a wide range of Arab nations and leaders of America’s evangelical community.  (The meeting was attended by the son of the late Reverend Jerry Falwell-Jonathan Falwell. His father was one of the strongest supporters of the America-Israel relationship in America. His take on the meeting-which he described as “historic” can be found here.)
The Evangelical leaders wanted to talk about religious freedom in Muslim nations (which is almost non-existent). The Arab diplomats had an entirely different goal. One goal, in fact.
“Ambassadors wanted to know whether Christians could become more balanced in their support for Israel”.
The battle has begun.


2 Responses

  1. And President Peanut Farmer, a/k/a Jimmy Carter, is a frontline soldier for the Muslim world in the battle to splt Christians and Jews………..


  2. And if anyone needs to be reminded, and I guess the myopic,sycophantic, power hungry, infantile, egotistic, and closet sadistic liberals need to be reminded again, the oldest strategy for victory is divide and conquer. If there was ever a time for the Jews and the Christians to march arm in arm in search for the Kingdom of God, it is now.

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