England, the most recent canary in the coal mine

I like to say that Jews have historically been the canary in the coal mine — once a culture starts attacking its Jews, you know you’re looking at a culture that is on a social and economic decline. The converse, fortunately, is true too — once a country begins treating Jews well, that same country is invariably on an upward trajectory when it comes to economic and social freedom and strength.

Jews aren’t the only canaries. Vasko Kohlmayer writes of a canary of a different sort. This time, it’s England, which he calls a country under attack from within by its own Islamist population. Naturally, Kohlmayer doesn’t just make this assertion. Instead, he supports it with example after example of planned attacks — some successful, some unsuccessful, some stopped during the planning stages — all aimed at brutally killing British citizens, undermining the British democratic government, and paving the way for Sharia. Kohlmayer explains what these attacks mean, and why we should all be worried as we watch Britain grapple ineffectively with the enemy at home:

At this point, even the deniers can no longer ignore the obvious: Britain is under sustained assault which is being launched from within its own Muslim community. It is this community that the terrorists move and live in and where they receive financial and logistical support. It is this community that gives them cover to carry out their murderous schemes. In short, the Muslim community is their haven and base of operation in their war against Britain.

Although some may feel shocked and surprised at this state of affairs, the situation is only the natural outcome of the trends that have been at work for a long time. By and large, Muslim communities in the West have shown themselves to be aggressively resistant to assimilation. Not only do they refuse to adjust, but they exhibit outright hostility towards their host cultures and, when sufficiently numerous, they invariably attempt to take over the areas they populate. Intimidation, terror and violence are their means of choice in the pursuit of this objective. This tactic has succeeded in Lebanon where Muslims have taken over a formerly Christian and democratic country. Now they are trying to do the same in France, the Netherlands and Britain.

There are some who think that we may already be beyond the point of being able to stop the Islamic takeover of much of Western Europe. In the opinion of U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon Advisor Lt. Col. Bob McGinnis (U.S. Army-Ret.):

It probably is too late for Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands and Germany. They [Muslims] have very sizeable minorities that refuse to integrate, that impose Sharia law on the ghettos, and as a result have created what I think is a series of smaller countries within a country.

The world better pay attention, because this will be the fate of every country that allows large Muslim communities to form in its midst. Clinging to traditional forms of Islam, their mindset is largely incompatible with the Western view of life which is based on openness, tolerance and freedom. Sizeable Muslims populations are thus a sure prescription for terror and violence, because those in their midst will sooner or later strike out against the societies they despise.

No amount of political correctness can conceal the fact that many Muslim enclaves in the West are neither peace loving nor patriotic. Large portions of their populations feel no allegiance to their host countries and they are all too ready to approve of violence in order to further their ends. Their lack of gratitude is truly breath-taking, since they have not only been welcomed in their new lands, but also provided with various forms of support, benefits and assistance. But we should not be all too surprised by this behavior from people who are taught by their religion to despise and kill infidels.

You can (and should) read the rest here.

I really don’t need to add here, do I, that the new British government’s response to this situation isn’t to deal with it but to pretend that it doesn’t exist. With an attitude like that, Britain has already lost the war, and its women may as well begin purchasing their burkas now, before prices increase in response to greater demand.

UPDATE:  If you’re interested, you can see a whole series of posts I did about the troubles in Britain here.


4 Responses

  1. I do believe a major difference between us and the EU in general is our constitutional right to bear arms. The non-elites will not go down quietly. As the EU continues to decline look for an increase in immigration as the saner citizens try to escape. I suspect this will resemble the exodus that occurred pre WWII.

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  3. Do we really want to admit Eurabian refugees that lacked the will to defend their own countries and, in fact, may have actively contributed to Europe’s demise? Would they actually be willing to defend and otherwise contribute to our country? Just thinking.

  4. That canary bit is pretty clever.

    It takes leadership to truly mobilize great evil or corruption, Danny. Individuals by themselves, without an organization to back them, are not really powerful enough to cause destabilization. In point of fact, individuals, once removed from the Euro Group Mind, tend to behave rather better. It is very to become anti-American when all your friends are like that and it is a status of social acceptance. Many people will do many things for social acceptance.

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