Why I won’t go to England

I used to be the Anglophile amongst all Anglophiles. I still love reading about British history and can highly recommend this wonderful biography, Elizabeth : The Struggle for the Throne, by David Starkey, writing about Queen Elizabeth I.

Nevertheless, I nowadays find myself struggling ever more to reconcile classic Britain, which for a long time, despite its many faults, advanced civilizations virtues around the world, with the saggy, floppy, addled, hate-filled country it has become.  And as if to strike in the last nail in the coffin of my regard for Britain, I just watched this video at LGF.


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  1. What kind of fracking police state is Britain? If you know there’s an area that your group is going to get attacked, bring the guns and heavy firepower there, and do it furst.

    “Police protection”. People need to be conditioned to know that if an aggressor attacks civilians, that it will be the aggressor, not the civilians, that will be hunted down and put to the knife.

    Iraq is once again, the necessary experience the free world must solve if they are ever going to have a chance to protect their own people. You withdraw from the game and fold, and you will not get another chance to acquire the necessary political and combat experience for the future challenges. It’s a one time deal, not even Afghanistan offers the same opportunity to learn.

  2. Hello Bookworm,

    I just watched the first video, Book. This is incredible. I too have had a growing unease about Great Britain (if that’s the correct nomenclature. Most Brits don’t even consider themselves Brits. They consider themselves Welsh, Scots, etc.).

    My unease grew from their more than apparent backbiting and undermining against us, the gutting of the naval fleet, the CCTV cameras and their general coddling to continental Europe at our expense. At one point on my blog, I even wrote that we should consider breaking our alliance with Britain. They no longer have utility to us militarily, so why should they be co-equal partners with us in matters of foreign affairs? The Anglo-Saxon alliance doesn’t exist because England has become more European in their values than Anglo-Saxon.

    My suggested caught the eye of the PR Captain at the Ministry of Defense and he gave me a condescending verbal backhand for stating the obvious…

    I do love the British for what they were. I don’t know the people on the British Isles today. I just don’t recognize them as British. They are European.

  3. I think in a sense, that unless you obliterate your enemies to the last atom, they will always come back to try to attack you again and again. Your descendents and your people will always be endanger unless you decisively obliterate your current enemies.

    America has learned this lesson, but it seems nobody else has. Not even the Soviets, for all their brutality, ever figured out how to obliterate the resistance of mind, body, and soul from a person. The secret I think was that instead of trying to use force to equal and eliminate force, you instead channel it. Channel it into something else, and in the process obliterate the previous identity of the original entity/target. As we know with matter and energy, you cannot truly destroy energy, you can only change its form. Yet matter may be obliterated, if only by changing its form and shape. Ideas are similar in the sense that they have a physical presence in the minds of folks and an energy component in the non-physical world. Destroying ideas is not necessary, all you have to destroy is their avatars. No avatars, nobody to pass down the idea.

  4. I also have a growing unease about Britain. I don’t like feeling this way because I really love the people and enjoyed visiting their country much more than I had anticipated. I love their history. And I love their culture. But I feel as if they are turning into something that is not consistent with their past.

    The thing that most contributed to my feeling this way was the incident with their Navy in Iran earlier this year. I wasn’t just horrified when I heard what happened and saw the footage – I felt sick to my stomach. Their military has a great tradition – their performance during WWII was legendary. How could this have happened? And what bothers me even more is that you frequently hear from their soldiers/marines that their countrymen do not support them like Americans support our military.

    I don’t know. I keep hoping I’m wrong on this. I want them to be great and free and strong.


  5. This, coupled with your Harry Potter essay, is a great inditement against England. Now I finally understand how the Mayan civilzation collapsed. It wasn’t a cataclismic external event. It decayed and died from within.

    What a sad end to the glorious British empire.

  6. Within two generations of evicting their Jews, Spain and Portugal went from being the richest countries in Europe to the poorest.

    The Arab countries of the Middle East evicted their Jews in the 1940s and 1950s and today they wallow as backward, failed societies. So will go the Brits if they continue on this path. Many of us Christians (those of us that actually bothered to read the Book, that is))know that God ordained us to look after his Chosen People and warned that those that would harm His people would pay a terrible price. History certainly supports this.

    I passed through Heathrow not long ago – it hardly felt like the Britain that I once knew. Many of the many Muslim airport employees struck me as being, well…outwardly polite and passive hostile. I wonder if native Brits get the same feeling.

    Isn’t it ironic that, just as France elects a more pro-American President of Jewish extraction, Britain increasingly indicates that it is about to turn against us. It’s really too bad.

  7. Not surprising. Our relationship with France and England have always been from up to down and up again.

  8. […] poison is here too I did a short post recently about a British television program that focused on rising, and active, anti-Semitism in England.  Certainly, some British politicians haven’t been shy about expressing their anti-Semitic […]

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