Health care in Cuba

Even fans of Michael Moore’s movie are complaining about his praise for the Cuban health care system, because no one, apparently, is foolish enough to believe that the care shown in the movie represents the real deal. It’s helpful, however, to look at some photographs taken in Cuban hospitals, hospitals that somehow escaped Moore’s camera. They’re not very nice.

I’m sure someone can respond with nasty pictures of American hospitals in poor communities, but that’s not the point of this. The point is that Michael Moore is propagandizing when he attempts to portray Cuban health care as the ne plus ultra in health care, and then compares his carefully selected images to equally careful (albeit derogatory) images from America.

I’ll just say that, when it comes to the government taking over American health care, I read somewhere that we have a good example of what happens when it does: Walter Reed. It’s no credit to the government that this is the health care we extend to those who fight for us; and it’s no credit to American intelligence if we think that there’s a benefit in imposing this kind of government skill, finesse, and expertise on the rest of us.

(Hat tip to Zhombre, who sent me some sad Cuban photos that I couldn’t upload, but that were enough to send me on a hunt for a working link to Cuban hospital images.)


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