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Bookworm is taking a few days off, so let me step in and ask a couple of simple questions of the Bookwormroom readers.  As of today, whom do you support for President and why?  Is it more important to you that your candidate be electable or is it more important that your candidate be ideologically pure?  How do you factor electability versus ideology into your choice?

I’m totally undecided as to who I want for my next President, so I will be very interested in your responses.


16 Responses

  1. Hello DQ:

    I recognize that any candidate will represent trade-offs, so here are my assessments thus far:

    1) No Democrat need apply for my vote (I don’t trust them anymore).
    2) Rudi Giuliani – a born doer and leader, shaky moral position, and Northeast outlook on the world. I would vote for him as long as I could be satisfied that he would a) nominate constructionist judges and b) keep his mitts off the 2nd Amendment. He would be an edgy president, though.
    3) Mitt Romney – a proven results man and executive, can work with both sides of the aisle, who portrays an ability to reason in ways that I respect. I would vote for him, but there are still too many unknowns about his positions – on international affairs, for example. Believe he would be very stable and even-keeled, as president.
    4) Fred Thompson – I love his personae, but am not sure how much is substance versus Hollywood hype. I like his positions and he reminds me the most of Reagan. However, he has no executive experience and I have no idea how solid he is under pressure. He’s still an unknown to me.
    5) McCain – I have enormous respect for McCain and what he has done, but I fear that he has been corrupted by the Beltway and has lost touch with the American people. McCain-Feingold forced me to cross him off my list of preferred candidates.

    The others just haven’t made much of an impression on me other than having positions that I support or don’t support. I probably would be happy with all three of the above and would certainly vote for a yellow dog before I vote for a Democrat.

    Key criteria for me – are they ‘strong leaders’ who can stand up to our enemies, do they have trust in the American people to run their own affairs free of government interference, do they believe in less government rather than more (which involves nominating strict-constructionist judges), and will they keep the economy going strong. Internationally, I want someone who will diligently protect our country while, domestically, I want someone who will bring the relationship between government and the governed closer to the way it was originally envisioned in the Constitution.

    Whew! ’nuff said.

  2. I do not require ideological purity. However, adherence to personal principles and moral courage are requisite. Electability is certainly worth some consideration.

    Right now I favor Mitt Romney. I am intrigued by Fred Thompson, but need to see more. Giuliani does not interest me; I would vote for him vs a Democrat, but that is about it.

    I would have a bigger problem voting for McCain. In my opinion, McCain was a good POW and that’s it. Since nearly all of the POWs served with courage, and some with great distinction in leadership roles, that is not a distinguishing factor. Despite the hype McCain was not one of the leaders–but then again he was not a senior officer. McCain’s biggest claim to fame has always been he did not come home early. That is pure hype. Yes, the NV tried to take advantage of his status as the son of a very senior Admiral, but actually all POWs had the same option with some strings attached. Anyone who accepted would have been court-martialed for direct disobedience of an order by the senior man present, Vice-Admiral-to-be James Stockdale, which dictated that no individual would accept release before they were all released. To the best of my knowledge, McCain has never bothered to correct the hype on that point. Anyway, he is too erratic to be President.

  3. So far I favor Rudy. I like the “here I am take it or leave it” attitude; I trust it more that the “what do you want to hear? I’m for that” position. I understand his views and agree with most of them. Although I’m not sure the world is ready for another Governor from Arkansas, I wish I knew more about Mike Huckabee.

  4. Howdy DQ,

    I’m with Ellie on this. Rudy Guiliani so far shows himself to have integrity. He states what he is for, what he is against, and doesn’t waddle between positions because it’s politically expedient.

    In previous presidential debates, the candidates said that one of the primary determining factors in electing a president is character. Character hasn’t been spoken much of lately because not many people have it. I think Guiliani has it.

    He was under fire from the right for his abortion stand, and he was unapologetic in having gay friends. He stuck by his stand on abortion (which is moderate-leaning-liberal if you ask me), and he has stood by his friendship with his gay friends. Gay or not gay, I would have a very dim view of a man who abandoned his friends because certain people didn’t like it.

    In my view, none of the candidates, neither conservative nor liberal, have shown themselves to be steadfast with the character necessary to hold that highest of offices except Guiliani. When you choose a president, you are choosing a man that will make critical decisions for the good of the nation.

    And since you, the voter, won’t be there as the backseat driver when he’s there making snap decisions on national security, what you’re voting for is who you ultimately trust in that kind of situation. For me, it’s really looking like Rudy Guiliani.

  5. I like Rudy Giuliani too. I’ve sent small contributions to his campaign and will send more. I don’t look for ideological purity and don’t expect politicians to be angels. But I look for a candidate who has run something other than his or her mouth, and NYC is more populous and more complicated to govern than many states and many countries, thus Giuliani has the requisite executive experience (the Senate is a waxworks for Presidential ambition, where posturing is refined to an art). I have the feeling that as a leader Giuliani knows you tackle problems and make decisions and don’t rely wholly on staff opinions, consensus or polls. I take on faith that he’d be fiscally conservative and appoint strict constructionist judges. I like the fact that he is a Northeast urban sophisticate — enough with Southern governors oozing faux folksy populism.I like the idea of the first Italian-American president who was a tough federal prosecutor and big city mayor. I agree with what Thomas said in his third paragraph about standing up and standing by. That said, my support for Giuliani is unabashed and unequivocal. Once committed, I don’t budge.

  6. I’m a simplistic sort of person. I support anyone that will use the powers of the Presidency to eliminate as many enemies of the US Constitution as is humanely possible in his length of service.

  7. I like Rudy, mostly because I think he has the requisite capacity to be an S.O.B. if the situation demands it. His “liberal” positions are all on issues about which I care not at all, while on conservative issues I do care about he’s pretty good.

    I also like what I’ve seen of Fred Thompson. He certainly is a better communicator than anyone else, and the way he’s running by not running shows considerable shrewdness.

    Mitt? He just doesn’t excite me. He’s a bland technocrat, and I’m afraid right now America needs a _leader_ rather than a manager. McCain? Too ego-driven, too brittle, and not as smart as he thinks he is. Others? Don’t know about them, which means nobody else has heard of them either.

    Of the Democrats I can honestly say not one of them strikes me as a good potential President. All the major candidates would be disasters for the nation, if not the future of Western Civilization. Hillary would govern by lies, spin, and corruption so that we would only learn how bad things were after she left office. Edwards would be completely out of his depth. Obama even more so. Gore would apparently destroy the global economy and doom billions to poverty and starvation in order to win cocktail-party congratulations from pop singers.

    A number of Republican votes are cranky about how the party isn’t always doing what they want. True enough, but you can’t win if you don’t play. If we don’t pick, and support to the hilt, an electable Republican, we’re in for a repeat of the 1970s, or possibly the 1930s.

  8. Al Gore if elected would be the first Carbon Neutral-American President.

  9. I want someone who will stand up to the terrorists and not try to understand them – I think we all understand them; someone who will eschew moral relativism and call them terrorists; who will nominate SC judges who recognize they are in the judicial – not legislative – branch of govt; who is as disgusted w/McCain-Feingold as I am and recognizes it as an assault on the very kind of free speech that the founders envisioned in the first amendment; who has a track record of accomplishment in leadership roles and who loves America and Americans and thinks we are still – warts and all – a shining city on a hill and the last best hope of earth. That’s for starters – which eliminates the entire democrat slate of weasles and for me puts Romney and Giuliani in the lead.

  10. As a New Yorker I am well aware of the pluses and minuses of Rudy. He is not a charmer. That smile of his, that you see, is a recent acquisition. He is tough. He walks over people to get things done. He definitely has aspects that are troubling.


    In this crazy, wild, unpredictable world we live in, and will continue to live in for generations (I believe), putting someone like Rudy in the White House will send a strong message … that his government will go right in the faces of those who wish us ill. Plus, he will shake up Congress which I think needs much shaking.

    As for the Democrats, such as Hillary. She has done nothing whatsoever for New York State in the 6 years she is here. Upstate NY is still struggling with no relief from her efforts. And putting a woman in the WH would be a sign of weakness to any Muslim terrorist … who believe all women should be dressed in black from head to toe and see out of a slit. How could they possibly take her seriously…that coupled with Nancy ‘running’ the House. No, as a woman, I must say that sadly this is not the time to consider a woman. We need a tough SOB there … before it’s too late.

  11. If Rudy is elected because of a strong stand on the War on Terror and has the same congressional makeup as now, what does he accomplish? Rudy is pro abortion,pro global warming being man made,pro gay marriage, and anti gun. How does one make a leap of faith and believe he will appoint strict constructionists to the courts? His record in NYC is the opposite. I will not accept his word based on his record.

    McCain-Feingold. Enough said.

    Mitt may be a good candidate but I really have not seen much that separates him from the pack. Being a governor of a very liberal state, I am sure he had to make a good number of concessions to liberals that I have yet to hear about.

    Fred has my vote now. He is the most conservative man in the top tier. He talks tough about the war, is pro life, is pro gun, is generally good on the social issues. I am sure much more will come out when he announces.

    The remainder running are mostly one issue candidates and one at least would make a decent VP, that being Hunter.

    All in all, it does seem to be too early to have to “settle” on on one now.

  12. Don,

    I’m with Brenda on this one. I want a tough guy this time, one who knows how to talk to jihadis, Iranians, Euro weenies, Democrats, journalists, and other bed-wetters. I never heard Rudy take any crap from anyone, including, you may recall, that Saudi prince with his 10 million dollar check–Rudy told him to stuff it; he told Arafat to stay the hell out of New York during the Clinton attempt to make a statesman of him; he also told the UN to start paying parking tickets or get the hell out of NY.

    And he will make mincemeat of Hillary in the inevitable candidate “debates”.

  13. Don,
    I would have to go with the majority here and suggest Rudi. I will vote for any Republican, for any office, for I believe when push comes to shove, Congressional votes tend to along party lines.
    I am not too sure that Guliani is electable because of the issues that rockdalian brought up. However, if Republicans understand that the President has very little control over such things, I believe he can win the nomination and probably has the best chance of winning the election. Presidents can only use party pressure and chrisma to get their polices passed. I like the way Rudi handled the New York mess, all of them.
    Beyond that, probably I would favor Thompson then Romney.
    Like many present and former residents of Arizon, I distrust McCain. As a retired Air Force officer, I adamantly disagree with many of the causes he expouses.
    I also do not agree with any sort of ‘Litmus test’ for a candidate, right now, the only test I can see is ‘R’ or ‘D’.
    I must be too old and/or jaded. However, I will vote and for whatever candidate the Republicans decide on.

  14. National security and international affairs trump social concerns for me, in this election. Republicans in the House and Senate should remain strong enough to keep social issues reasonably in line. My choice at this point is Giuliani. As for the concerns on social issues expressed by some, I expect that Rudy will convince us all that, on his more liberal positions, he will remain out of the fray and not lend support to them.

  15. Thank you all for your ideas. As a libertarian on social issues and a conservative on economic and national defense issues, I suppose Rudy should be my guy. We’ll see how the campaign evolves before I decide, though.

  16. This blog attracts smart, informed readers, doesn’t it, DQ?

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