This week’s Watcher’s winners

The winning votes are in at the Watcher’s Council: On the Council side, first place went to Guess Where Your President Was Wednesday Morning… Insh’allah by Joshuapundit, a post that rightly castigates President Bush for making a huge deal out of a Saudi funded Wahabist center within spitting distance of the White House. Second place was for Done with Mirrors’ With Snark, a post that uses almost poetic language to denigrate “snark” or, as DWM calls it “rhetorical junk food.” As someone who likes snark for the amusement factor, I’m not convinced, but it’s a beautifully written post.

On the non-Council side was Michael Yon’s powerful Bless the Beasts and Children, something I’ve linked to a couple of times here already. It’s a photo essay about a village massacred by Al Qaeda and fellow travelers. (It’s also a post, by the way, that won by the largest margin I think I’ve seen since I’ve been on the Council.) Second place went to the Small Wars Journal for Understanding Current Operations in Iraq, a post that lucidly lives up to its title.

For full vote results, go here.


3 Responses

  1. Only people like Book should use snark, I’m fine with it being verbotten for other folks.

  2. Frankly, I wish President Bush HAD made a big deal out of the mosque, but only in the sense of big righteous indignation. Instead we got “big” in the sense of “swarming with Secret Service agents and government-issue SUVs with tinted windows.”

    Thanks for flagging this Bushian bid for a medal in the “thousand meter moron” event at the Chutzpah Olympics.

  3. Postscript: I decided I disagree with Callimachus.

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