The low cal illegal immigration protest

The Suffragettes refused food, and made the British government look bad when it decided to force-feed them.  IRA members refused food and made the British government look bad when some of them starved to death.  My strong suspicion about hunger strikes is that they make look bad whichever side the media has anointed as the bad guy:  and that’s usually the government.

I’m thinking about hunger strikes because illegal immigrants who have been educated in California on the public dollar are whining because their options are limited compared to their classmates.  (One wonders how limited are the options are of legal residents who didn’t get the chance to go to some of America’s premier colleges because illegal immigrants took their places.)  To protest, they’re going to fast (a fast I suspect will be in the Cindy Sheehan fasting mold):

Miriam, a UC Davis junior, intended to major in international relations, but when she learned that foreign travel was required for the degree, she abandoned her plans because she won’t risk leaving the country. Miriam, who is 20 and has lived in California since she was 7, withheld her last name because she’s an illegal immigrant and fears deportation.

She watched her prospects for becoming a legal resident crumble last week with the collapse of the Senate’s contentious comprehensive immigration reform bill. But she and other undocumented California students are hoping to persuade policymakers to pull one piece of legislation out of the rubble and dust it off: the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, or the DREAM Act.

The bill, first introduced in 2001, would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who entered the country before they turned 16, have lived here at least five years, have no criminal record and have graduated from high school or been admitted to college. The students would be granted a six-year provisional legal status during which they must attend college or serve in the military for at least two years before they could receive a green card.

An estimated 65,000 illegal immigrant students graduate from high school every year and would benefit from such a bill. At present, they are unable to work legally and, in many states, can’t enroll in college.

“The DREAM Act would give me a sense that I was valued as a person,” said Miriam, who is one of seven students holding a weeklong fast in San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza in a push for passage of the bill. In San Jose, students are fasting outside the district office of Rep. Zoe Lofgren. “I was raised here; I went to school here; I see my future here. … Let us be part of this society, let us do it the right way.”

The college students will be joined today by two dozen other fasting students who have come by caravan from Southern California, stopping along the way to lobby members of Congress in Santa Ana, Pasadena, Bakersfield and San Jose. They plan a rally outside Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office and a march to the Civic Center.

I hope you appreciated the pathetic, very California plea little Miriam made:  “The DREAM Act would give me a sense that I was valued as a person.”  As you know, if the choice was completely binary, I would prefer that my illegal immigrants get educated and go to the good side, rather than become gang members on the dark side.  What I would infinitely prefer, though, is if we stopped creating these huge incentives.  I really can’t fault parents living in Mexico for deciding to journey to America illegally if they know that their little darlings will be educated on the public dime — make that my dime.  If we stopped providing these perks, within a few years perhaps there would be fewer parents making the journey to America and more parents working to improve the situation South of the Border.  


8 Responses

  1. It’s hard to fault someone whose parents illegally brought her across the border when she was seven. I’m glad she’s making something of herself. But I would have been thrilled if she had expressed sentiments that revealed an abiding respect for the law. How would you feel about her if she had said this:

    “My goal, once I graduate, is to return to my home country and apply for legal citizenship, and eventually return. I am profoundly grateful for the education I have received while I have been here, and for all the opportunities that are open to me now. It will be exhilirating when I come back across the border as a legal resident, and I will be proud beyond words when I become a citizen. I’m sure, absolutely certain, that I’ll cry of happiness while I am reciting the oath.”

  2. I’m amazed these protesting students aren’t picked up by ICE. They should be. I guess California really is a sanctuary state, and you poor taxpayers are involuntarily shelling out huge bucks for illegals that should have gone to benefit California citizens and legal immigrants. Now that other states are beginning to crack down, California will become a known welcoming haven to even more of the illegals, and I’m afraid your ship is sinking:

    One of the saddest comments I read on a blog recently was a person stating that students in her school district could no longer learn a second language in their schools because the money for that had gone to teach English as a second language to all the illegal aliens who had poured into the district. The Federal government decrees we MUST provide K-12 free education to illegals wherever they surface, wherever THEY decide to go to school. This comes at the cost of educating our own children, the ones we pay our own money in taxes for. And we have no choice in the matter, but must include the illegals in the “No Child Left Behind” statistics. We must now pour our limited resources into educating poorly prepared illegal aliens to basic standards before we can educate our taxpayers’ children to better standards, including those top-performing and top-potential students who would best repay the U.S. in the global marketplace.

    Now illegals are protesting for college educations on the U.S. taxpayers’ dime too! I repeat, we owe these gatecrashers NOTHING, even if and when they are nice people, as I’m sure so many are, blah blah. Sorry, but we legally and morally owe more to the legal immigrants already here and the immigrants waiting in line with legal applications, to say nothing of the U.S citizens who support our educational infrastructure.

    Having to deal with and pay for all that the illegals are costing us with our limited time, manpower, and resources makes the line for legal immigrants that much longer and slower.

    We owe these illegal gatecrashers NOTHING. Hey out there in California, where are your counter-protestors? Who among you objects to living in a state of openly tolerated lawlessness where such people publicly assert their fraudulent “right” to your resources? How long are you going to stand for this kind of inflated, delusion sense of entitlement demanded by the gatecrashers? In case you’re wondering, racism has nothing to do in this case with saying NO. Illegal aliens include people of all races.

    Here’s the statement they don’t want you to say:
    Legal immigrants yes, illegal immigrants no.
    Go back to your home nation, get in line, apply!

  3. I agree Zabrina, you stated what the majority of Americans feel. We give them food to eat and they want us to provide the world. America is not obligated to do that. Take the education America gave you, go back and apply it in Mexico. No one is stopping you from going back to Mexico, so you have a choice. Others need our help who are LEGAL. So grab sometheing to eat and stop whining. We’ve helped you achieve more than Mexico would ever do. Thank the Lord for your blessing! Leave the nest! No more whining.

  4. Zabrina,
    “Hey out there in California, where are your counter-protestors?
    The backlash started out here and has spread the info and warning to the rest of the nation.
    Proposition 187,voted on in 1994, and passed by the majority would have cut off government services to illegals. Although a majority voted for it,(including 60% hispanics in the state)it was ruled unconstitutional because of the illegal kids in school might be thrown out.
    It is too late to save California so most of the pressure is on the rest of the states before they become “Mexifornia”
    Go to youtube to see black activist Ted Hayes not allowed to
    continue an illegal immigration march in a black neighborhood because illegals had taken over the park.
    The police arrested Ted Hayes,although his people had the protest permit to use the park. This all happened 7/23/07, in a black area with mexicans shouting “go back to Africa”.
    You have to see it to believe it.

  5. I just wanted to clarify when I said we owe the illegal aliens nothing. That is true that as a nation, we the people and our government, we taxpayers morally and legally owe them nothing. As individuals of conscience, if our faith values prompt us to treat individual illegal aliens with mercy, compassion, and support, that is another thing entirely. But such efforts should be voluntary and made on the individual or church level, and it should not include breaking our nation’s laws or supporting a porous border in the name of compassion or mercy. It is not merciful or compassionate to destroy America, the most compassionate and charitable country in the world.

    My message to the illegal aliens:

  6. A fragment of Objectivist belief, Zabrina? ; )

  7. Qualify it as you will. Just sharing my opinion. I think the taypayers have a right to say no here.

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