It would be funny if it weren’t so creepy

Hillary has been dogged for years by insinuations and rumors that she’s lesbian.  I don’t think so.  Kissinger was famous for saying “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” by which he meant that even ugly old men with weird voices could get hot chicks provided that the men were powerful enough.  In Hillary’s case, I’ve long suspected that the power itself is sufficient, without the necessity of any partner, male or female, to complete the relationship.

Despite that, there’s reason to believe that the lesbian rumors still have political meaning.  Hillary supporters at have put out a video in which a sexy young women gyrates before the camera while singing longingly about Hillary attaining the White House (including references to Hillary’s sexuality).  Here, see for yourself:

The video is first and foremost, quite clearly a jab at the recent Obama video, in which a sexy young woman gyrates before the camera while singing longingly about Obama becoming president.

Normally, I’d say the video is a slightly bizarre, very silly, but ultimately okay piece of political advertisement.  What bothers me is the kids in the vid.  As you can see, the singer’s paeon to Hillary is played out in front of a group of very young children (seven or eight years old).

It’s entirely possible that the children were not even in the same room as the singer as the video was being made.  It’s also entirely possible, judging by my own children, that the kids, even if they were present, are totally oblivious to the sexual innuendo.  Nevertheless, I find it creepy to have a young women posing as a teacher singing about her lesbian desires for a political candidate in front of a room full of children.  Even knowing it’s all a set-up did not stop me from feeling a strong sense of repugnance as I watched the video.

Hat tip:  Hot Air


7 Responses

  1. She looks in that conservative skirt of hers, though her bare shoulders are rather bony and thin looking. I guess it wouldn’t be so obvious if she hadn’t been in a bikini and was gyrating her shoulders in forward and backwards…. it’s like a skeleton over there. She needs to do some back bridges or something.

    The inclusion of the children though, Book, was out of line personally. Don’t know which audience they were for, unless it was for those attracted to children. The whole school teacher then was funny, but it didn’t need the children singing along.

    I wish the actor/singer/dancer would have been more subtle in her body language, some of it was… perhaps too excessive. Especially the cake and her staring at the camera. How many clues did they think the audience needed?

    Btw, the above comment was written without reading your words after the vid, Book. Just for the record.

  2. It’s impossible to find an innocent reason why the class of young girls appears in this video. As the camera kept jumping back to the girls taking notes throughout the video, I too found it more and more repugnant.

    We have to keep telling people, reestablish a cultural norm: Leave the kids alone. Leave them out of whatever you’re up to. They are off limits, sacrosanct, taboo. PERIOD.

  3. Maybe I need another cup of coffee, but most of the video left me yawning with minor sparks of amusement. The kids defenately have not perception of the sexual nature of the piece. They’re just dancing along with the supposed adult.
    The whole thing is just silly. But if that’s what Clinton wants to spend her funds on, fine. The effect will be minimal to negative.

  4. This is pretty much grass roots sourced, Al. Independent operating funds, which isn’t hard with youtube.

  5. I need to shave my tongue.

  6. Also, Hillary’s already *on* Capitol Hill. Never sacrifice your intellectual bona fides for a good rhyme, kids, it backfires every time.

  7. Ymarsakar,
    Of course. Maybe we should get into the act.

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