Thank God for Hamas!

Alan Johnston, speaking after his release:

Mr Johnston said he wanted to thank everyone who signed the petition for his release, as well as the British Government, the BBC, Palestinian journalists who demonstrated in his support and Hamas.

“I am free, really, because of Hamas, I would say,” he told Today.

Cheat-Seeking Missiles has a little more on the weird world of friends and enemies in Gaza.


2 Responses

  1. Intimidation, interrogation, and holding people captive always works when the target is weak, Book.

    That’s why our enemies seek to empower the terrorists at GitMo so much. It’s a great PR gig to have people you capture, telling everyone that the captives were just great.

  2. In a sense he is right. He also can thank Hamas for his capture and lengthy stay too.
    I had wondered if this die-hard friend of the Palestinian cause would sing a different tune after his capture. Alas, it seems he is just as much a biased idiot as ever he was.

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