Green crime

Gore’s son may be a punk, but he’s a punk who learned his lessons well.  His little “endangering the public” crime spree was committed in a green vehicle (emphasis mine):

Al Gore’s son was in jail on suspicion of possessing marijuana and prescription drugs after he was pulled over for allegedly driving a hybrid vehicle 100 mph on an Orange County freeway, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

Al Gore III, 24, of Los Angeles, was allegedly driving a blue Toyota Prius on the southbound San Diego (5) Freeway about 100 mph about 2:15 a.m. when a sheriff’s deputy stopped him at the Crown Valley Parkway exit, said Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino.

The deputy allegedly smelled marijuana and a search of the vehicle turned up less than an ounce of suspected pot, along with prescription drugs including Valium, Xanax, Vicodin and Adderall, which is used to treat attention deficit disorder, Amormino said.


7 Responses

  1. Its okay he will pay off any fines with Carbon Credits!

  2. What else would you expect from a little “puke” like this. Look at His parents. They probably smoked dope when they were hippies. Al Gore is a “JOKE” and thank God, even as bad as Bush is, Gore wasn’t elected President. Gore should clean around his own “back door” before telling all of us how to live our lives. He is, and has a family of, complete IDIOTS!

  3. Al Gore’s son went to College near us–he was arrested several times for drunk driving—the story never got as much media attention as one of the Bush Twins ordering a drink.
    Did you notice he immediately told the police who his father was? That young man has been out of control for a long time–his Dad needs to focus on the problem at home.

    Who knew a Prius could go 100 mph?????

  4. Wow – I didn’t know a Prius would go 100 mph!

  5. The Prius does have a gasoline engine. So with a powerful enough combustion engine, it can indeed do that. And I’m pretty sure Gore’s kid got the “sports” model anyways.

  6. Yeah – my lawnmower has a bigger gasoline engine than a Prius does…

  7. Well thank goodness the great Green Prophet’s son was only speeding and using drugs ! I mean he may have been endangering public safety, but not like if he was driving an SUV… now THAT would have been Endangering Public Safety.

    Do you realize how many planets have been killed by those irresponsible SUV drivers. Why do you think they call Mars the dead planet – yup SUVs.

    And I’m sure being the son of a God (as opposed to the Son of God) should get him out of jail in no time. No fine. Hell, Al will probably sue California for daring to impose it carboniferous laws on his blessed son. (Al’s used lawsuits before as a way of blaming someone else for his parental indiscretions).

    And for all those undeserved cracks about hybrids – I will have you know they perform very well – especially going downhill. Tests have shown that if you drive one off a cliff there is absolutely no difference in performance between a hybrid and an SUV – although the driver of the SUV did survive the testing…

    This story once again shows how celebrities like Paris Hilton and Al Gore just can’t get the treatment that their celebrity entitles them to…..

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