Separated at birth (or death, maybe)

When I saw this picture of tented women in Pakistan on the rampage, I knew I had seen this same image somewhere before. I finally tracked it down, here.

(For a more serious look at women in tents, read this.)

UPDATE:  Here are even better pictures of the tented women, firmly establishing, I believe, my separated at birth theory.  (H/t:  Hot Air.)


7 Responses

  1. Good one! I needed that.

  2. Making fun of someone’s chosen religious dress is not funny but very racist and ignorant. By the way, can you name two cities in Pakistan and its leader? I would guess not…

  3. I can name them. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and George W. Bush.

  4. Islamabad, Karachi and Musharraf. But Pakistan had really nothing to do with my post, save as the latest location for women in black running amok. My post was about the women in black, and I do make fun of their dress because only an ignoramus (that would be you, Stefan) would confuse a social construct (that would be dressing in tents) with a religion (which, in fact, mandates mere modesty, not tent dressing).

  5. Incredible! The likeness is amazing.

  6. Interesting….it’s ‘racist'(!???!) to make fun of religious dress? Wha…? Oh yeah, and ‘ignorant’ too. Yeah. That’s what.

  7. Very funny! OMG- the one in blue has her face showing!!!! The slut!

    Trust me, these gals are sent out to protest by their menfolk. They can’t make a move outside without their permission.

    Stphany, I suggest you read “Infidel” the autobiography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali who describes her experience of being female in the Islamic world. She grew up in part in Somalia and Saudi Arabia.

    You might also want to check out YouTube. Look up “women’s rights” and “Islam” and some very interesting footage straight from Egyptian, Saudi, Pakistani TV will pop up. Topics include female genital mutilation, honor killings, driving, sexual availability, clothing, freedom of movement, women’s testimony insufficient in court without male witnesses, and domestic violence. Check it all out and see if Bookworm is really all that “ignorant”. Bookie- you may want to give us those links yourself. The footage is not altered or edited. They are just TV interviews translated for us to see and to learn from and they are eye-opening.

    And btw, Stephany, what do you think it does to a person’s psyche to be hidden like that (not to mention the heat and the stench)? What do you think would happen to one of these women if she didn’t want to dress like that? Do you think she has a choice? So, fyi, these “tented” women cannot choose who they marry, they can’t say “no” if their father and the groom have agreed, even if she is repulsed by the man, she must be sexually available to her husband any time he wants- even, as I have read, she is in the middle of baking bread, ill with a fever, or in a coma (As reported by an MD in Saudi Arabia hearing grunts coming from the room of a comatose woman). These women are seen as sexually out-of-control, so they must be covered to protect the MEN from their wanton sexuality- so besides the tents, they are locked in the house, or chaparoned by their husbands, brothers, or sons. An entire gender is infantalized. A male kid has to lead his mom around because the law says so. They must have a man’s permission to go anywhere or do anything. If they do something that displeases their fathers or brothers (like dressing in western clothing or choosing their own boyfriend), they can be murdered in honor killings. Their men are legally allowed to discipline them by battery according to sharia law. Their testimony is worth little to naught in court. They are depressed, trapped, and radicalized- and God help us- they are mothers.

    And it isn’t racist to say so, because I don’t think they are biologically inferior. I do think they are trapped in a benighted, backward mentality, brainwashed and dangerous. My heart truly goes out to these women. For their sake and all of ours, I wish them rights, REAL choices (dressing like that, believe me is NOT a choice because they can’t not do it), tolerance toward non-believers, and an enlightenment within Islam.

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