Rap at Bookworm Room!? Say it ain’t so, Joe….

I’ve trained my kids well — they dislike rap as much as I do, and none of us are metal fans either. Nevertheless, I’m pleased to present Stuck Mojo‘s I’m an American. I actually liked the rap part (although I couldn’t get myself to like the metal part), which may demonstrate that my dislike for rap has roots, less in the rhythm, and more in the violent, aggressive, misogynist lyrics that always seemed like such an integral part of the product. When something different and intelligent comes along, I can actually sit back, relax and listen. And, as LGF said, just in time for the Fourth….

Here’s what Stuck Mojo has to say about its unusual (for the entertainment, rap and metal worlds) journeys into patriotism:

In March of 2006, Stuck Mojo entered Backstage Studios with longtime producer Andy Sneap in Belper, England and began recording their new album, “Southern Born Killers.” Debuting in January of 2007, SBK was the first non-label release from the band. Beyond being just an independent release, the band also made a bold move by making the entire album available, for free, via download. A full-quality version of the disc, including the full CD booklet and a limited-time bonus DVD, was also made available for purchase. Thankfully, the gamble paid off and “Southern Born Killers” became one of the band’s most successful releases.

What really set off sales of the new album, however, was the simultaneous release of the video for the track “Open Season.” The song and the video boldy took a stand against the global jihadists who seek to harm or destroy the West. While such a stance shouldn’t be considered controversial, the fact that a band took such a politically incorrect position shocked the music industry and drove the liberally-oriented critics insane. However, what it also did was gain the band a legion of new fans who appreciated the fact that they expressed an unashamedly pro-American position.

The latest video from “Southern Born Killers” for the opening track I’m American once again expresses the band’s pride in their country and the principles that it was founded upon. Stuck Mojo has always been about self-determination, self-respect and self-reliance.

Once again, Stuck Mojo is determined to set yet another new standard for independent musicianship. A standard that is defined by their own rules and demanding, creative expectations.

Hat tip: LGF and Hot Air


5 Responses

  1. I always find it amusing. For the martial culture that gang bangers partially base themselves upon, is only a shallow imitation of the US military and the American tradition of Total War. For those seeking blood, guts, and total ownage of their enemies, they need not go into Black Pride or Leftist Revolutionary orgs.

  2. Love it. The rap-hard rock mixt reminds me of some early Rage Against the Machine sans the leftist rhetoric. Happy 4th, ya’ll.

  3. I actually liked this video, as I did the last one, which says alot more about me as a picky jazz fiend…but these days, you get your support from whoever is going to be on your side. For example, I won’t buy anything from Jeremy Steig, jazz flutist, since he is pretty much a rabid anti-American leftwing truther. Too bad, since he is a damn good musician. I just wish that musicians and artists would realize what a blessing this country has been to them and their art….just ask Eldar Djangirov, jazz prodigy extraordinaire.

  4. Uggh, I meant “from whomever” pst…don’t tell anyone I used to be a proofreader, ‘kay, BW?

  5. Cool.

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