Me, me, me, me, memes!

‘Tis the season of memes, and I’ve been tagged three times with the same meme over the past few days, first by the Bald-headed Geek, then by Daled Amos, and last by Jeremayakovka, all of whom had pretty darn interesting things to say about themselves in response to their own taggings. Naturally, since the meme requires that I list eight things about myself that few would guess, I can’t resist. First, the rules:

Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, players then tags 8 people by posting their names and makes sure they know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tagee’s blog.

Clear? Yes. Here goes:

1.   One of my children, when born, was the biggest baby the hospital had seen in the entire week preceding his birth.  I’m petite, so you can appreciate how shocked everyone there was.

2.  I once distinguished myself on a job interview by completely failing to recognize the man who had spent a delightful three hours with me at an interview dinner the evening before (and no, I don’t drink, so that wasn’t my excuse).

3.   I’m scared of flying, but do it anyway when there are no other travel alternatives.

4.  Family legend has it that a great, great uncle of mine spent 25 years living in a one-room shack in Australia’s outback, prospecting for diamonds.  Eventually, he gave up, sold his claim, and headed back for Europe.  Not long after, one of the largest diamond mines in Australia was discovered — under his cabin.

5.  I love Bing Crosby’s singing, something my children are not yet old enough to find embarrassing.

6.  I have an unusually charming dog.  When she’s out in public, people trip over themselves to come and pet her.  She’s a silly looking little mutt, but she has such an endearing and happy face she seems to draw people to her in a way I’ve never seen another dog do.

7.  I’m perfectly happy to wash my laundry — and Lord knows, there’s enough of it in my house — but I hate folding it.  I figure that there’s simply more virtue in piles of clean laundry than there would be in piles of dirty laundry.

8.   If I could, I would eat only Haagen Daaz Chocolate ice cream, to the exclusion of all other foods.

And now for the 8 tagees.  Well, actually, a few more.  Since I got tagged by this meme three times, I figured I could tag a few more than 8 bloggers, although I tried to limit myself, which is why I didn’t follow my first instinct, which is to tag everyone in my blogroll.  Because I’m lazy, however, I haven’t sent anyone notice of these tags.  I’m just hoping most of them stumble across it themselves.  By the way, if I haven’t tagged you, don’t let that stop you if you’d still like to play this game, either at your own blog or in my comments section.


20 Responses

  1. I just played along here. Thanks for the tag. I had nothing to blog about today! 😉

  2. […] So, without further ado, via Mrs. Bookworm: […]

  3. Howdy Bookworm,

    I played along too. You might be surprised at some of my habits/facts… but since your intuition is pretty spot on much of the time, maybe not. 🙂

  4. 1. Spent one year in Korea, on the DMZ. Thats where I developed my taste for cats. And dogs.
    2. Mothers side of family dates to pre Civil War and southern. Had a relative killed in the war and buried in a casket made from of a church pew.
    3. Live in the Chicago area and drive a semi for a living. Pull a tanker.
    4. Father was career Army. He was from the Seattle area and met and married my mother in South Carolina. I am truly bi-coastal.
    5. Have been to all 50 states and 4 foreign countries. Korea,Panama,Japan, and Canada.
    6. Have eaten dog,cat,monkey,bear,moose,ptarmigan,boa constrictor,rattlesnake,and the usual deer,squirrel,rabbit pheasant, etc.
    7. Am the lucky father of two beautiful daughters. One is now 25 and the other just turned 21. I always seem to be poor.
    8. Favorite movie is Casablanca. Am a fan of that era.

  5. Check out Callimachus’ list at ‘Done with Mirrors’. His eight go well beyond the norm, including partying backstage with Air Supply.

  6. Bookworm, have you tried Haagen Daaz Mayan Chocolate ice cream? It’s my new favorite.

  7. I hadn’t realized this until lately, that Haagen Daaz is 1. Not Dutch and 2. was built from the ground up by one person in the beginning.

    American ingenuity?

  8. I just answered this one, dear friend. You were the second to tag me with it.

  9. I have very interesting blog friends. What a lucky person I am (and don’t I know it)!

  10. Thank you for taking me up on the invite.

    Your second item reminds me of the time I ate by a friend, where I was seated next to his wife.

    Late the next day, he ran up to me excitedly and informed me that his wife had given birth.

    My response: Oh, I didn’t even know she was pregnant.

  11. Hello Bookworm,

    I like Bing Crosby too, but I prefer Dean Martin. It has a bit more swing to it.

  12. 2. I once distinguished myself on a job interview by completely failing to recognize the man who had spent a delightful three hours with me at an interview dinner the evening before (and no, I don’t drink, so that wasn’t my excuse).

    Maybe you were hypnotized by the desserts?

  13. Me no play meme no more… ;( Plus this might give too much away!

  14. Thanks, Book, I guess.

    Just posted mine on my Blog.

    Might surprise y’all.


  15. There are days I wish I’d started my blog anonymously, and this is one of them… 🙂

    Thanks for the link and the mention. I’m thinking… I’m thinking…

  16. I’d have tagged you too, but saw you’d already been tagged a couple of times… My response

  17. Thanks so much for the invite! Yours are a lot more fun to read than mine:
    I think my ninth item should’ve been “I overintellectualize everything and write too much” but everybody knows that.

  18. […] See 3 if you are wondering why I’m not tagging anyone else. Book tagged me. […]

  19. I may make a post about this on my own blog, but for now here are 8 facts/habits about me:

    1) My girlfriend and I have been back together for almost 2 years now. We dated in college for a few years, didn’t see or in anyway communicate with each other for almost 15 years, until shortly after her divorce she ran into my college roommate at a bar. He told her how to contact me and the rest is history.

    2) I hate phones, especially cell phones. Pagers, too. For years I was required to carry a pager and was on call 24/7, something I will never do again. My cell phone is off 95% of the time I’m carrying it.

    3) I have been playing Texas Hold’em in home games, casinos, taverns and online for more than 20 years. It is not unusual for me to play more than 1000 hands online in a day, enough so that I can expect to hold pocket Aces 4 times.

    4) Four days per week I jog/bicycle/lift weights, walking at least 3 miles 2 of the remaining days during the 9-10 months per year that the weather here is at least tolerable.

    5) I hit 4 extra inning, go-ahead home runs in my 16″ softball career. All came in the top of the inning.

    6) Because I like my hair very short, I cut it myself once per week.

    7) Within 10 minutes of waking in the morning, I’ve finished eating my breakfast.

    8) Several times over the past 5 years I have been caught laughing out loud in public for no apparent reason. I was thinking of Steve Bartman and just couldn’t help myself.

  20. […] that Dymphna has tagged me with today. I’ll give it another go. I also ought to say that I got tagged by Bookworm too before I decided to complete the circle… or to keep it spiraling around! So here are the […]

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