You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

I haven’t blogged in the  last 24 hours because we’ve been on the road, and I’ll be limited in my blogging even now because  I’m on a computer  with a dinky keyboard best suited to 2 finger typing.  I did want to comment on an interesting place we went, though, and on the short-sighted marketing I saw there.

The  place we visited was the Solar Living Institute, a place dedicated (as its name suggests) to promoting solar power.  I think solar energy is  a great idea:  a clean, endlessly  renewable energy resource.  The place was fascinating and worth the visit — as long as you aren’t easily  offended.  The whole  cashier’s area was festooned with rabidly anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-Christian stuff (bumper stickers, gadgets, etc.).

I don’t  know about you, but I think  it’s serious  bad marketing to offend half of  your potential customer base.  If these people are really serious about solar, they should be brainstorming about ways to bring more people into the fold,  rather than  alienating people who would otherwise be interested in clean and sometimes affordable alternatives to coal  and fossil fuels.


3 Responses

  1. So, did you write to them to point out their marketing strategy is fairly witless? (I did…)

  2. Book,
    It’s amazing how some of these people on the left have apparantly taken in their Stalinism with their mother’s milk; they probably don’t even know the provenance of their instictual hewing to hard-line ideological purity, even at the cost to their business interests. Probably fulfills the hole left in the lives of those with no religious observance or tradition, having only the Party and its dictates to devote their lives to.

    Maybe you recall Linda Rondstadt (who used to be such a babe and such a great singer)insulting one of her audiences by saying that just knowing there were Christians in the audience that night took the fun out of it for her. THAT had to be good for business…

  3. Interesting comments ……….
    FROM you – TO you??
    All this time I believed that bookwormroom WAS Terry Trippany and now it seems that they are differnt – NOT?

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