This week’s Watcher results

The votes are in from the Watcher’s Council and I have to admit to being very pleased that I won. It’s not just the winning that pleases me, it’s the fact that ten people I respect accorded me the honor of voting for my post. Now that I’ve done my “you like me, you really like me” speech, let me give you the results.

The results for Watcher’s Council members are as follows: As I noted, I’m honored to have received first place for my post A Stunningly Dishonest Piece of Advocacy Writing About the Supreme Court, in which I wrote scathingly of the way in which The New Yorker‘s legal writer, Jeffrey Toobin presented a couple of recent Supreme Court decisions. Second place went to Cheat-Seeking Missiles’ The Most Ridiculous Story of the Year? (2), which actually ought to have been the first place story. (More on that in a minute.) In this post, Laer took apart the latest bit of Defeatocrat punditry making its way through the liberal media. The reason Laer’s post should have won is that Laer didn’t get a chance to vote in this week’s Council elections. He therefore suffered a 2/3 vote penalty, which was enough to push him into second place. Without that penalty he would, deservedly, have won.

The results on the non-Council side saw first place go to Seraphic Secret for The Rupture, a post about Gaza. The post’s quality is a good reminder that Robert Avrech is a professional writer. Second place went to Anwyn’s Notes in the Margin for her post Muslim Speaks at My Church, Calls Me “Naive.” Also “Tough.” The title of her post says it all, and is well worth reading.


6 Responses

  1. Ah a typically liberal (static) analysis of the voting. 🙂

    First of all there were two people who didn’t vote. So you don’t know who Laer and Dafydd would have voted for. True, Laer lost 2/3 of a vote, but if he voted you for 1st place and Dafydd voted you for at least second place, then you’d have 1 more point and that would have put over the top.

    Of course even if Laer had voted you for first place, if Dafydd had voted Laer for first place, Laer would have won.

    I’m not going to bore you with all the possibilities. But it’s not necessarily so that Laer would have won!

  2. If I might interrupt this conversation for but a brief moment, I would like to inform Bookworm that she has been tagged for a blogging meme.

    Thank you, and sorry for the interruption.

  3. Thanks for the head’s up on Anwyn’s Notes – one of the more revealing pieces characterizing Islam and the can’t we just get along,naive Christian apologists who make me think of Sir Winston Churchill’s eloquent words: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

  4. I can’t say who I would have voted for since I hadn’t read all the entries as of the deadline, but I’m pretty sure Book would have at least gotten a 1/3 out of me. If I could have read her nice comments first, she’d have gotten a 2/3.

  5. BW
    Your analysis is tighter, your logic is seamless, and your conclusions inevitable. You win.

  6. I’m blushing…. Thank you all.

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