“Watch this space”

I’ve got to head off soon for a day of carpooling, business meetings and networking. I’m looking forward to the day because, with the exception of the carpooling part, which is a bit dull, most of it should be quite fun. However, these time commitments will mean that I won’t be able to respond to the interesting question posed at CDR Salamander until sometime this afternoon. So, as MAD Magazine always used to say: “Watch this space.”

(It’s probably just as well I’m waiting until later in the day to post. I just caught five major typos in the little paragraph I wrote, above. I corrected them, but it doesn’t bode well for my blogging skills this morning.)

UPDATE:  Well, that was a largely pointless day.  My middle of the day meeting got canceled, which left me with four hours to kill away from my office because I couldn’t easily return home.  I’ll blog later, but right now need to take care of dog and children.  (Hope you appreciate my priorities.)


3 Responses

  1. I note that much of the misogynist “hate-mail” referred to by CDR Salamander is that of Liberal/Left commentators. No surprise there!

    Scratch the surface of a pacifist Liberal/Lefty braying against sexism, racism, and materialism…and you will find a violence prone sexist, racist and materialist.

  2. It’s hard to fight the fear and helpnessness caused by enemy psychological attacks. Neither schools nor normal life experience ever gave anyone enough constant exposure to death, mutilation, fear, and helplessness enough to increase their tolerances beyond what could be defeated by terrorist attacks. This is true for the great majority of men and women, but as we see with Islam, there is a specific human social motivation to oppress women.

    Such people notably target women because they the attackers were always fundamentally weak at heart; meaning terrorists could never take what they dished out. Not even close, Book. The principle of reciprocity (its violation) is why those captured and moved to GitMo break under the smallest of discomfort and the lowest level of helplessness and psychological manipulation. Professional interrogation, sure, and years in order to do it, yet still low level for the class of techniques are only slightly more than what you might use in police work absent a few miranda laws. It doesn’t come close to the psychological terror, manipulation, and pain they dish out on Iraqis, Palestinians, and suspected American spies. Or Muslims that attempt to break past the mold of Islamic Shariah Laws. So you have an ethical irony concerning attackers that dish out far more damage than they could ever personally withstand themselves. Unethical if only for that, for one should not take out one’s own personal weaknesses out on other people. Nor misery nor pain.

    There is no freedom without security. Without the stability to know that you need not fear for your life as you conduct life’s business. In the Western world, people have lost sight of that fact of life given the over-abundance of Hollywood, decadence, prosperity, and the United States military shield. Things like Katrina remind us a little of it, but not permanently, and not for everyone.

    Take the fight to the enemy, destroy them physically and mentally, and you need not worry about them attacking you for they shall be dead and crippled. It is a fact of life that criminals can do no or little harm without arms and legs, or a unlobotomized brain. The basic virtue of the attack is that the defender never knows when you will attack, so the defender must always be vigilant but such vigilance has a cost, in both physical health and mental stability. The defender, or victim in this case, then begins to feel helpless because they must shut themselves up in defensible locations and their freedom is restricted by their fear for their safety. Yet the attack never comes, so the defender never feels relief and thus eventually the vigilance breaks down due to sheer fatigue. This is a normal human limitation that applies to most any attack and defense. In order to break past such limitations, you must take your defensive crouch, get up, and attack. Shifting the mental gears from defense and fear for one self, to causing pain and damage to the enemy makes the hunted into the hunter. And since the most debilitating component of any attack on human beings is not the physical pain or crippling, but the mental anguish and stunning, allowing the mind to shift gears from thinking of itself as victim to thinking itself as a tougher and more lethal hunter causes a sea change in the psychological dynamic.

    Both 9/11 and the terrorist attacks in Iraq have hardened the civilian resistance to psychological attacks. Not fullproof, you can still die and feel pain at the death of a murdered love one, but facing such attacks alleviate some of the vulnerability you would otherwise still have had had you never faced such attacks in the first place.

    Of course for some people, they turn their helplessness into blaming not the terrorists but the victims. Which is simply another variation of going on the attack because eternal defense is too tiresome and fatiguing. You just attack people that you know won’t fight back. Easy eh. Given a choice between fighting someone who will tear you limb from limb if you look at him crosseyed, and some little old lady walking on a stick, the weak person will always choose the latter over the former.

    Course, the Left calls this “smart”, you know, cause terrorists would be dumb to die facing superior American firepower. Just some rationalizations you can find amongst certain people for why they attack volks that they know can’t defend themselves.

  3. Scratch the surface of a pacifist Liberal/Lefty braying against sexism, racism, and materialism…and you will find a violence prone sexist, racist and materialist.

    Much of the recent rise in such behavior can be directly linked to Islamic Jihad and promotion of Islamic Jihad (or pro-Iranian anti-American) events. When people here in the West see the Islamic Jihad get off with various things like stoning women and what not, and they get praised for such behavior and the normal organized law and orderly United States gets decimated for Abu Ghraib, people emulate what they see as succeding. Iran succedes in intimidation while the US flounders on soft tactics and treatment of the media. So more and more people with the potential for violence and anti-social behavior begins to conduct more of such behavior, in a sort of copy cat fashion. In point of fact, most people are followers as you will see with suicide bombers, they need an overall arching storyline from which to kill themselves and others with. They aren’t the intellectual masters themselves, they didn’t come up with the concept of jihad to justify such murderous actions. And neither did your usual SkinHead and stalker of women, Danny. But what they did do is to copy the Islamic Jihad’s record of success and some of their target methodology and integrated it into their own personal personality and behavioral patterns.

    They may not have originated the systemic oppression of women and the control of human beings, but they are surely eager enough to jump on the bandwagon now that they see the system of Law and Order crumbling in the West and the World.

    This is the price for letting the Jihad slide. This is the price for promoting fanaticism elsewhere, it just doesn’t stay “out there”, it will also promote internal factionalism and disorder. For evil spreads through the weakened hearts of humans, not just Muslims, if it is not countered and annihilated to stop its growth.

    There will come a time when we will need the experience Petraeus is racking up for the US Marine Corps in Iraq, should such people actually organize or receive foreign Iranian/Saudi support for internal subversion of the US.

    The Left already ignores much of the trafficking in females in the rest of the world, female genital mutilation, general slavery, and many other things that are anti-progress and anti-civilization. As the chaos in this world grows, so grows its ability to affect American behavior, in a negative fashion.

    People want role models. They want someone to come and tell them that their instincts and desires to inflict pain and suffering are righteous, ethical, and for the greater good. The Islamic Jihad provides that role mode, with every act, with every arrogant belittling of American power and progress in Iraq.

    It’s a lot easier for petty dictators to come out of the woodworks if they see larger dictators killing and hurting freely. That is why you need to make examples, out of somebody, in order to affect the general behavior of humanity in a positive way.

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