Media business as usual in reporting from Israel

Here’s the NY Times headline:

Israelis Kill 11 Militants Inside Gaza; 2 Civilians Die

It might even be factually accurate, although I’m always dubious about the casualty information Palestinians supply to a credulous media — and the Times admits that this information comes from Gaza hospitals.  I point it out only because the reporting about the Civil War in Gaza never mentioned civilian casualties, at least not in the headlines, which sometimes are the only part of the story people read.  Apparently Hamas and Fatah were exceptionally careful and aimed their guns and bombs only at militants on the other side of the political divide.  Now that a scary quiet has descended on Gaza, with the thugs in charge, it’s back to business as usual, at least for the reporters:  the civilians, having successfully avoided death at the hands of their own, seem to be drawn back inexorably into the line of Israeli fire.

At least some Israelis are keeping their spirits up — or perhaps it’s just one Israeli in America.  I saw a wonderful bumper sticker the other day:  “Don’t worry, America.  Israel will protect you.”


2 Responses

  1. Meryl Yourish backs this up emprically and Mere Rhetoric offers similar thoughts.

  2. As you noted, Bookworm, this is truly business as usual for the anti-Israel media, which never misses an opportunity to make Israel look bad. I’ve blogged about this as well, but at this point, have pretty much thrown my hands up in the air in disgust.

    THe MSM is what it is. The bigger concern to me as a supporter of Israel is the morphing of Bush 43 into Bush 41 in terms of their foreign policies. Isn’t anyone else out there worried about the fact that Condoleeza Rice has taken to referring to Hamas as a “resistance movement”? That was no accidental slip of the tongue.

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