Egalitarian clothes

During my mostly pointless day today, I had time to bop into a couple of popular women’s clothing stores.  I concluded that, as in years past, clothes this season are exceptionally egalitarian:  they make all women look unattractive.  Some of them are so ugly, they make even the perfectly proportioned store dummies look frumpy.  I kind of yearn for the type of clothes that made some lucky women look beyond gorgeous, most women look pretty darn nice, and an unlucky few uninspired and unappealing.  Nowadays, clothes remind me of the old joke:

1st Man:  Come the Revolution, we’ll all drink champagne.

2nd Man:  But I don’t like champagne.

1st Man:  Come the Revolution, you’ll have to like it.

The one size fits all philosophy of “pure” egalitarianism, whether applied to education or clothes or food or speech or housing or medicine, theoretically makes sure that no one is short changed.  In reality, though, it means that the majority are somehow short-changed, because they are deprived of choice.  And not everyone likes champagne….


4 Responses

  1. Is there nothing this woman can’t find reason to scorn? Note to Bookworm: Judge less to find more.

  2. BW – I love this basic,down-to-earth topic amidst the national world events swirling around us! And am glad to learn I’m not the only one who can’t find a thing to wear (or even like)although I live within 5 minutes of one of the most upscale shopping centers on the left coast.

  3. Is it just me, or is everything brown, muted turquoise, olive, maroon, or some other drab color? It’s summer, for Heaven’s sake! Where are the pastels?

  4. I had time to bop into a couple of popular women’s clothing stores.


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