Talk radio

To the extent any of you are new readers floating over from the Hugh Hewitt show, this is a recent post I did about my talk radio conversion.

As for regular readers wondering about my cryptic comment, above, I called into the Hugh Hewitt show about the fairness doctrine, and plugged my blog. If you listened, the quaver in my voice is real, the name and city I gave are not.

UPDATE:  Just to be clear, I was not a guest on the HH show.  I was a call in, who got the opportunity to mention my website and jumped on the chance.  Also, the quaver I mentioned comes because I’m someone prone to stage fright.  I am (I tell myself) a delightful conversationalist, but I know I’m lousy at public speaking.

3 Responses

  1. To cool for school. I am going to stew in my envy and unworthyness now.

  2. …or too cool – I know you would rub my nose in it…. 😉

  3. Well, shoot! I wasn’t able to listen to HH today. I would have even recognized your voice! 😉

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