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The David Horowitz Freedom Center has put together a stunning 10-minute slide show interjecting actual facts in the propaganda war that the Arabs and the Left are waging against Israel.  The only fault I could find with the show was the fact that, in the very last second, it ends with a plea:  “The Civilized World Must Say : Never Again.”  Reading that, and juxtaposing it with news coverage from all over the world about the Israeli/Arab conflict, I realized that there is no longer a “civilized war.”  The West has allied itself with the barbarians.

2 Responses

  1. This is one of the best propaganda I’ve ever seen. And you know with me, that’s not an insult.

  2. Btw, if American frontiersmen had ecountered people that were out to exterminate them such as the Ayrabs… the American-Indian wars would have been a puff dust compared to the American response to such a faction.

    I have another version for what the world must say.

    The world must say: for every wound you inflict upon me, I will inflict a thousand wounds on you.

    The Ayrabs will never stop fighting against human progress unless they are defeated mind, body, and soul. Even for the Proud Sunnis of Al Anbar, it took Al Qaeda brutality and crushing power to make them see the light of day. Certainly the civilized world have had nothing to offer that the Ayrabs would have wanted, until that point.

    Certainly people of all factions, races, and nations want freedom. But human beings are in a hierarchy, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs even. Due to that fact, human beings require security before they can fullfill a higher need; freedom, for nobody can be free to do what their destiny calls them to do, if they are afraid for their life, starving, or being intimidated by extortion rackets.

    Arab Jihadism (or simply the promises of JIhad and virgins) was more fullfilling and tasty to the Sunnis of Al Anbar and the Palestinians, than Israeli or American systems of freedom and prosperity. Israel wants peace and prosperity, for all, they want to get along to go along.

    Americans are better and harsher, but even they are not omnipotent Gods nor ruthless warlords, as Iraq may attest to. Or Reid. PillowC.

    The psychology of convincing people to do things your way so that “Never Again” becomes reality… is not something people can cobble together out of one viewpoint, the civilized Western viewpoint. In order to reach the depths of understanding concerning the Arab, Israeli, and Jihadist psyche, you must delve into medieval, Machiavellian, Ancient Roman and Greek crafts, techniques, and knowledge. True understanding comes from Focus and Awareness. Not tunnel vision and endless fake multi-culti distraction.

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