He don’t know me too good, do he?

We were originally planning on spending the long weekend at home, so I took on some big, interesting projects that have the promise of long term benefits in terms of work and client relationships.  Mr. Bookworm suddenly realized, though, that he could visit his out-of-town family this weekend, and announced that he’d like to do so.  Because of my projects, I can’t go.  Even if I’m willing to shlep all the papers I need on the trip and camp out for hours in an internet cafe, I’ll still have too much time spent traveling where I can’t work, so meeting my deadlines will be a struggle.  Mr. Bookworm gave in to my absence with good grace, but announced, quite seriously, that I’m going to be “awfully bored” spending all that time alone without him and the kids.  I’ve come to my computer for a good laugh in private.

Over the next three days, I have to write two legal briefs, one legal research memorandum, and update a lengthy document index.  I have to wash two loads of clothes, and fold them, along with the five loads already waiting to be folded.  I have major errands to run to stock up my empty pantry and decayed linen closet.  If I have the time and the energy, I may also use the “alone time” to tidy the house and clean out a couple of cupboards that have been irritating me.

What I will not have to do over the next three days, however, compensates somewhat for all that work:  I will not have to prepare eight meals (along with the shopping and clean-up involved in those meals), I will not have to referee 385,395,304 fights, nor respond to 4,983,848,932 “I wants.”  I will not have to clean up 43,573 messes.  I will not have to supervise as 6 truly delightful neighborhood children stampede through my house.  In other words, I’ll get a short break from the usual tasks of running a home.

Bored?  I don’t think so.


16 Responses

  1. You deserve the break. Curl up with a good book (or two)while you’re at it.

  2. Or remodel the kitchen.

  3. No one who hasn’t had all the responsibility for a home and its denizens full-time for at least a week has a clue as to what you’re talking about.

    Furthermore, no one whose standards of cleanliness and order are low will understand, either. Enjoy the break – even if it is filled with work. I think the kitchen remodel should wait for summer vacation…….

  4. Wow talk about being more powerful than a locomotive and leaping from a tall building with a single bound ! Look ! Up in the sky ! It’s a bird.It’s a plane !

    PS I’ll finush whittlin mi stik tis weakin witch prowdlie to sey I’s jest sterted lass yeer.
    Toot a loo.

  5. Oh bookworm, bookworm, do I know your plight. I don’t even know how mothers without outside work keep up with everything. Like I tell people that complain about the dirt in politics: Any housewife worth her salt will tell you that dirt and mold are growing and piling up somewhere, so clean up something when you see it. Sometimes, mr.& mrs. jackalope just give up eating, because it just makes another mess. Enjoy the peace and quiet and let those fast fingers type away.

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  7. All by yourself – what joy! Have fun and a good supply of Haggan Daz! And perhaps a good bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir!

  8. pssssst … Your little story — regardless of how well written and seemingly light — rings hollow. You didn’t want to bother with family obligations and found an excuse to avoid them. I guess we’re all a little jealous that you have a spouse who, apparently, tolerates this kind of crap in you.

  9. Hmmm . . . If I respond and call Greag a heartless, brainless little creep, does that count as feeding a troll? I hope, Book, that Greag is a friend of yours with a faulty sense of satire. Anyway, enjoy the alone time — everyone needs some, sometimes 🙂

  10. Yup, I’m a “brainless little creep” and proud of it because I’ve got enough 50s-style family values to know that a woman does not stay home for no reason, while her husband and two elementary-school-age children go visit the in-laws for Memorial Day.

  11. Wow, your wife must be quite the doormat, Greag — or she understands how frightened you are of having solo responsibility for your kids for a couple of days.

  12. Them 50s-style family values, which you fetishize, are such a bitch to practice, aint they, Book? Keyword to your story this weekend is “stay home for no reason.”

  13. Lissa, Gridlock is Book’s Court jester, but personally I think our lady here is paying Gridlock too much for his over-rated services.

    There is a very good indicator of psychological health these days. It is basically what do the psychos and social malcontents think is the ‘cool’ thing to ape. What stuff does Gridlock spout that he thinks is righteous and speaks to his inner savage? Support for Bush?

    Under the section on ‘malignant narcissist’, you have greg’s real life pic. Which he must find stirring.

  14. Hi Greag,

    Speaking as the one person reading this blog who actually knows Bookworm personally, you cannot imagine how wrong you are about her. Trust me, the distorted image you have of her, as reflected in your attacks here, does not even resemble the terrific woman I know. You really should find something better to do that attack the false creations of your own mind.

  15. If, heaven forfend, Greag actually has a wife and kids, she wouldn’t send him off alone with them because he obviously hasn’t the mental capacity to be trusted with their care.

    Based on his posting, I’d diagnose him as a mental adolescent who needs to grow up a bit before being trusted in a vehicle with anything of value.

  16. Usually, DQ, the terrific qualities you describe are conveyed in the person’s writing — the stories they tell and the information they share. Unfortunately, in Bookworm’s case, based upon the daily, uncharitable scorn that she levels at the personal and political around her, your friend’s-eye-view, DQ, remains a mote obstructing your view.

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