A cry from the heart

In the wake of the ludicrous Amnesty International report ranking the US as the world’s worst violator of human rights, Ralph Peters gets righteously mad:

Each year, Amnesty International releases what purports to be an objective global survey of the state of human rights. Sounds like a great idea, but the report has long since degenerated into an effort to protect terrorists and mass murderers from justice – and bash America.

In its latest report, Amnesty International denounces the United States again. This time, it seems we’re the foremost global abuser of human rights.

Oh, if you keep reading, rogue states such as Zimbabwe, China, Sudan, Russia and Iran get tut-tut mentions, although North Korea just sounds like a weight-loss spa. Except for our democratic ally, Colombia, only the United Kingdom appears remotely as savage as the United States.

Reading about American heartlessness made me want to move to Saudi Arabia, where women never see their rights abused and believers of every faith are free to worship. And if I want a beer, I can hop over to Venezuela, where everything’s free.

The sad truth is that the misnamed “human-rights community” just may be the worst enemy of human rights without a country of its own. There are real human-rights tragedies unfolding every day, from Harare to Havana, but activists don’t give a damn about the average Joe or Miguel or Ali.


How can anyone who pretends to have a conscience attack the United States for violating human rights and engaging in “fear-mongering,” while looking away as millions of Zimbabweans live on the brink of starvation in a police-state, hundreds of thousands lie dead in Darfur, all of North Korea makes Guantanamo look like Martha’s Vineyard – and Islamist fanatics kill tens of thousands of Muslims?

Apart from the fact that there really are things worth fearing in this world, all that matters to the human-rights phonies is that, if you twist things sufficiently, you can blame America for the Muslim victims of Muslim terrorism.

And I keep missing the mass demonstrations against female circumcision, in which little girls and young women endure unspeakable agony as each has her clitoris sliced away. Guess that’s just a quaint expression of cultures uncorrupted by the West.

Human rights shouldn’t be an issue of the political left or right. We should all be in this fight together. But to make meaningful progress, you have to take on the butchers who prey upon the masses – as we’ve tried to do in Iraq. Activists prefer protecting the killers.

Read the whole thing here.


2 Responses

  1. Amnesty International got taken over by Leftists years ago. It was always profoundly uninterested in human-rights abuses committed by Communist regimes and Third World tyrants — unless the tyrants were U.S. allies.

    Now they’ve just abandoned the pretext. Like the rest of the Left both here and abroad, they’re openly at war with America and all it represents.

  2. Amnesty should know, they are one of the chief enablers of prisoner abuse by the Islamic Jihad.

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