Just in from the Council

I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed being on the Watcher’s Council over at Watcher of Weasels. It’s definitely a bit of work, because you have to read 24-28 posts per week that you wouldn’t ordinarily read, but it’s that last clause that sums up why it’s such a great thing. I ordinarily have a set reading list — a very good reading list — of certain blogs and news sites that long ago captured my interest. The Watcher’s Council brings to my attention all sorts of stuff that isn’t on that daily list and might otherwise pass me by. This is true both for other Council members, many of whom I’ve always read regularly, but not on a daily basis, and for the non-Council member posts, most of which are blogs I haven’t heard of, but am really glad to get to know. All of which is to say that, when I list weekly winners, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just the top four posts I mention, but should check out all of the winners. So, here are the winners:

For Council authored posts, first place goes to Done With Mirrors for Earth Day, which points out that climate change is as old as the earth itself. Second place went to me, for my post Presidential Power and Criminal Terrorists, in which I discussed the expansion of presidential powers during war time, and the reason I think terrorists and enemy fighters should not be tossed into our criminal justice system.

For non-Council authored posts, first place went to Andrew Klavan who, writing at City Journal, published a marvelous essay about all the White Lies liberals have to tell to keep afloat. Unsurprisingly, it ‘s called The Big White Lie. Second place honors went to the Middle East Journal for a Michael Totten article entitled Where Kurdistan Meets the Red Zone, which takes us on a journey through Kurdistan.

As I said, the ones listed above are just top vote getters. The rest are worth reading in any event (especially since, as all Oscar watchers know, votes are notoriously subjective things).


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