Hillary and identity politics

Day by Day says it all:

UPDATE:  I just read at the Captain’s Quarters that people think the above cartoon, which uses blackface, crossed the line.  That’s a rather interesting point, because I’ve been one of those to pile onto Democratic bloggers and cartoonists who have used blackface to insult political opponents — a peculiar thing to do by the party that claims, not only to best represent African-Americans, but also to appreciate and understand them.  In fact, I think that difference in attitude about the races also shapes the difference between what Chris Muir is doing, and what’s going on when Democrats paint Condi as an Aunt Jemima, or color up Republican candidates in blackface.

In other words, unlike the Democrats, one of the things Republicans fairly consistently do not do, is play to racial or sexual identities, preferring instead to play to issues.   This differs from the race politics on the Left, and from the extreme race behavior Hillary routinely shows.  One can’t get away from the fact that Hillary morphs into an African-American every time she steps before a black crowd, a behavioral change so obvious and bizarre as to be newsworthy.  It’s manifest to any observer that, were she to have a mirror in front of herself during those speeches, she would expect to see herself precisely as Chris Muir portrayed her — America’s first female, black President.

Hillary’s chameleon quality isn’t limited to blacks.  When she’s in front of Jewish groups, this woman who’s backpeddling from America’s war as fast as she possibly can, suddenly turns into a rabid hawk, ready to spill Iranian blood at the first provocation.  Hillary wants to be all things to all people, and I’m sure envisions herself davening in a yarmulkah during these speeches.

Hillary’s lust for power denies her a firm self-image, and has her constantly recreating herself in the image of the audience before her.  In other words, I don’t see Chris’ attack as a racist attack, so much as a very, very narrow — and accurate — attack on Hillary’s repeated acts of shape shifting.

6 Responses

  1. It also has the virtue of being very funny. Odd thing for a cartoon to be these days, but there you go.

  2. I did say after all, that the Left is hard to figure out because they don’t even know who they are.

  3. BW, you, among few others, know what color I am–you absolutely hit the nail on the head. Wish more of my kind could see through it…


  4. Senator Clinton isn’t the only racial panderer. Has anyone seen a photo or heard one word about Obama’s white mama and grandma from Iowa? Visiting his father and grandfather’s graves in Kenya made for a great photo op, but how much connection did he have with either man? Obama’s parents divorced when he was 2 years old. What influence could the man have had? There is something rubs me the wrong way, using a dead father you never knew as a political prop — and I say this coming from a single parent household myself, back in the Fifties, when it was not common. But then, if Obama’s father had been from Iceland, you would have never heard of the junior senator from Illinois.

  5. Not only wouldn’t you have heard of him, he wouldn’t *BE* the junior senator from anywhere!

  6. BTW, Senator Clinton defended her “multi-lingualism”. Check out Drudge today…



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