I love your fuzzy face….

At American Thinker, Seth Cooper has written a very thoughtful article about the bestiality issue that’s now working it’s way through the PC crowd (helped by a new film at Sundance). I have to admit that I can never think of the bestiality debate without thinking about famed “ethicist” Peter Singer, a man who falls squarely on both sides of the debate.

When he wrote “Animal Liberation,” Singer pretty much created the modern extremist animal rights movement, a position he solidified with “In Defense of Animals. (Forget that, while being an animal rights advocate he also published a book “Should the Baby Live?: The Problem of Handicapped Infants (Studies in Bioethics)” in which he advocated euthanizing handicapped infants.) Just to confirm his position as a robotic thinker utterly without moral anchors, Singer later made clear that his strident animal rights advocacy does not mean that he has a moral problem with bestiality, provided that the animal consents.

Amusingly, this last viewpoint has put Singer at odds with the same animal rights movement he was so instrumental in creating. The latter group, even while elevating animals to human status, has problems imagining an animal with the kind of free will that would allow it to consent to a sex act with a human. It appears that the closest you’ll ever get to that kind of mutually loving relationship between man and beast is the one Gene Wilder had with Daisy the sheep in Woody Allen’s silly “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, *But Were Afraid To Ask.”

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  1. ” There is a differnce between a human being and an animal.To be sure,the human being is built upon the chassis of an animal body.But although the animal is endowed with a “living spirit”(Genesis 1:24),the human being also has a soul that derives from the breath of God(Genesis 2:7)”
    H-E-L-L-O there is a difference betweeen humans an animals if you want or need one ! At least go get a room . . er I mean a barn.

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