The Australian way to confront terrorism

Austrialian government officials have impressed many with their frank speaking about the threat of radical Islam. It turns out that this isn’t just talk, but is also allied with bipartisan action aimed at exposing and isolating radical Islamists in Australia:

It so happens that the approach advocated for Britain by Martin Bright in his important Policy Exchange pamphlet When Progressives Treat With Reactionaries is consistent with what has occurred Down Under over the past five years. Put briefly, the Australian system takes Islamist ideology seriously. It does not deal with radical Islamists. It confronts extremists’ views, rather than seeking to co-opt “pragmatic” radicals who happen not to be in favour of the use of violence in the here and now for purely tactical reasons. After the bombings of 7/7 in London, Tony Blair declared correctly that “the rules of the game had changed”. In Australia the rules changed dramatically some time earlier. A few recent examples illustrate the point.

After the shock of 7/7 Mr Howard established a Muslim Community Reference Group and said that no radicals would be invited to join. When Sheikh Taj Aldin al-Hilali (the Mufti of Australia) ventured into Holocaust denial, Andrew Robb (the Parliamentary Secretary for Multiculturalism) let it be known that he would not be reappointed to the group. Last February Peter Costello (Mr Howard’s deputy) publicly declared that, if the radical Muslim cleric Abdul Nasser Ben Brika really wanted to live under Sharia law, he might choose voluntary deportation to Iran. The next month the Prime Minister told Reuters TV that Australia could not ignore “that there is a small section of the Islamic population which identifies with some of the more extremist views associated with support of terrorism”. In New South Wales the former Labor Premier, Bob Carr, and his successor, Morris Iemma, have made similar candid statements where necessary.

There remains a significant terror threat in Australia — with some convictions for terrorist-related offences and a number of Muslim men in Sydney and Melbourne awaiting trial on serious charges. However, the tough line on security seems to have worked well and there have been no terrorist attacks.

The Howard Government has let it be known that radical Islamism is also a threat to the overwhelming majority of the Muslim community and reminded its leaders of their responsibilities to resolve potential problems in their own self-interest. This approach has strengthened the position of moderate Muslims.

It sounds obvious, but it’s only obvious when a government isn’t handicapped by the PC need to be a friend to everyone who is not part of the white male power structure.

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  1. There are two words that have been coming to my mind in the past couple of weeks: “Awesome Aussies”. The United States should follow Australia’s lead and stop being wimps. In fact, I’ve been wishing Howard was our President. He seems to understand what needs to be done unlike our pandering politicians.

  2. Yes, I’m liking those Aussies more and more!

  3. It’s a good example of what can happen when we stop treating minorities as victims and start treating them as people who can take responsibility for their actions. Hurray for the Aussies!

  4. Possible bulldust.Me thinks there is a Kangaroo loose in the top paddock down under.Aussies are the masters of seeing where the parade is heading(where America is going) and then jumping to the front of the line.They love to OUT OUT the Americans(the little show off brother).They are the friend that will punch your adversary in the mouth first(they love the dustup . . it’s so macho) and ask questions later . . ouch . . we know the results of that approach (and we thought George invented the pre-emtive strike).Reason before emotion.Everyone knows moderate Islam needs support(from the power hungry thugs) and protection.Aussies didn’t invent this idea .It takes time, patience and diplomacy(if that is not to PC for you)? America should know this through their own history.How long did it take to root out Capone and the thugs? In the end he was put away with PC reasons (tax evasion).Fair dinkum ?

  5. One is impressed by Australia’s solidarity. It’s to be emulated.

    The Democrat’s insanity on American national security will possibly kill very many more.

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  7. Swampacreage-

    I don’t equate Capone and the Mafia with radical Islam. I also don’t think it is smart to allow groups such as CAIR to claim people are victims, especially since they have been linked to terrorist organizations. I also think that we need racial profiling and if we are afraid to do so because it isn’t PC it will not be good for National Security. History has shown us that we do need to do exactly that.

  8. The Israelis have it right – look at the person, not the weapon.

  9. Something like George Bush who looked deep into Putins eyes and saw the soul of a good person.How many people has Putty knocked off? Better look again and check the weapons as well(be careful what you eat and drink).

  10. Er,Swampy – the Israelis have a pretty good track record IDing terrorists. I can’t think of a safer airline to fly than El Al.

  11. Swamp-

    I agree with you on Putin. I never did like him.

  12. Is that “Ras”-Putin, Jodi?

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