Cold haze

My son started it with a mild, generic cold, which my daughter also caught. My husband then joined in with a medium cold, that left him pretty miserable. I’ve now been visited by a cold on steroids, which had me complete incapacitated for the last few hours. This is not what I was talking about when I jokingly envisaged an illness that would keep me bed-bound. I’m feeling a bit better now — as you can tell by the fact that I’m actually typing now — but I don’t know if I’ll work up any enthusiasm for blogging today.

What I will do, though, is move the fascinating Jimmy Carter string up, not because I have anything to add, but because the conversation that has developed there is so fascinating, I’d hate for it to get lost in time.


3 Responses

  1. Neo had a cold too. I never did take medicines for such. Meaning off the counter symptom relief. The runny nose was really annoying. But at the moment, I recover quite fast from the symptoms of the cold. So long as I am warm and have a few hours and good food, symptoms like a sore throat or scratchy throat itchings disappear in half a day by around afternoon. I catch it, I kill it, and everything is okay. The same was for fevers. I’d get fever on Friday, rest from Saturday to Sunday, and it’s gone on Monday.

    Getting in shape and exercising really does help the constitution.

  2. A very late post, Bookworm. Our part of the US has been visited by bad sinus problems.

    Which can masquerade as many things, and can lead to worse problems. One hears ‘hack, hack’ everywhere; it’s the sinus cough. Quite often one can feel other side effects as well. Check with your doctor about yours. Colds may be worn out, I hope. Sinus problems (often weather associated–too much rain, too frequent change in temperature) are harder to overcome.

  3. Meditation. Good cure for viruses that make you sick.

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