Deranged Liberal

I can be sarcastic or disdainful of the Left, and I’ll speak slightingly of the views that emanate from that side of the political spectrum, but I don’t believe I’ve ever called a liberal individual deranged, disgusting, perverted and sociopathic. All that is about to change. At Flopping Aces, Curt has a video, posted on YouTube for all the world to see, which is obviously someone’s attempt at ironic humor about President Bush’s war on against the Islamic terrorists.

The background to the video is the cheery, upbeat, “America, This Is You,” theme song from America’s Funniest Videos (“AFV”). Periodically throughout the two minute video, you get shots of the studio audience at an AFV taping laughing and clapping. But here’s the “humor”; here’s the “irony”: against this backdrop of “America, This Is You” music and clapping, happy people, the video’s creator shows footage of the second tower being hit by a plane, of victims leaping from the buildings, of horrified people running from the destruction. The video then moves to the London bombing, and wraps up with footage of Bush at his ranch, the famous picture of the Vietnamese girl running naked from a napalm attack, and Bush surrounded by a mushroom shaped halo.

This is not political commentary, this is not political humor, this is not political analysis. This is the product of a cruel, demented mind and, I’m sorry to say, is reflective of the evil that characterizes so many who have arrayed themselves on the far side of the anti-War, Bush Derangement spectrum.

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  1. Don’t get upset, Book. The more they do these things, the more evident their depravity to us and other members of the great unwashed out there. The more of this, the better. Bring it on…and spread it far and wide!

  2. I agree with Danny… seems unlikely to me that more than a tiny handful of people are going to look at this kind of thing and feel anything but disgust and revulsion. So long as the extremists keep their extremism hidden, there is a danger that they will fool people into voting them into office, but this exposes the truth about them, so spread the word!!

    A recent political analogy appears to be’s refusal to endorse Saint Hillary over some political unknown in the Democrat primary in NY……I think that the scales are going to fall off the eyes of a lot of traditionally mainstream Democrats. If this group that appears to be taking over their party finds Mrs. Clinton insufficiently leftist for their tastes…….

  3. Hillary is as far left as any of them, but she knows that if she’s honest and gets nominated, she can’t get elected. This posed no problem in pre-blogosphere days because voters would only get a carefully edited version of her presented by her adoring acolytes in the media.

    Them days are gone.

  4. Bookworm, checking Newsbusters (which I located through the #4 Flopping Aces comment above) opens my eyes. Newsbusters has quite a bit on ‘Bill Maher.’

    We use TV sparingly, so ‘Bill Maher’ is a non-entity in our household.
    BUT reading his deranged, sick drivel at Newsbusters prompts me to think that this his spew exposes what the LEFT really is, in the raw. As does the video, and the upcoming European? vile movie.

    You can’t dialog with this vituperation. They hate US, all of US. It’s a measure of our present public disarray that Maher and his cronies are allowed loose.

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