Blog round-up

The wonderful thing about the blog community is that, even when I’m feeling uninspired (as I am), my favorite long-tail bloggers are not. So, without further ado, and in alphabetical order, a blog roundup.

At A Rose By Any Other Name, Anna does a lovely, emotive post to remind us that, with schools back in session, all over America high school football is back.

Everything at American Future is interesting, but the post that most piqued my interest today is the one in which Marc discusses redeploying troops in Iraq to secure the borders and, using the prism of the Pentagon’s report to Congress yesterday, examines the relationship between this concept and the possibility of civil war.

Rich, at Beef always wins, is back from a blogging hiatus that occurred while he attended Ranger school. I can tell you that I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes at the school. The push-ups alone would have killed me.

Are you a Dune fan? If you are, and you’re willing to have a bit of a spoiler thrown in your path, read this Brain Droppings post.

It’s not a cheerful read, but over at CDR Salamander, Phibian looks at the Left’s forty year trend toward wishing for American defeat, and warns us that this is not going to end any time soon.

There are, as always, so many good posts at Cheat-Seeking Missiles, but my favorite today is the one about the Islamification of classic stories (or, I bet you never knew that Tom Sawyer was a Muslim).

At Crossing the Rubicon, Gail has had a steady stream of incredibly good links about world events, especially as they affect Jews aren’t the world. What got me, though, was her link to an article about the fact that Westerners, unlike radical Islamists, are not willing to die for their faith (whether it’s a religious faith or a secular one).

Callimachus, writing at Done With Mirrors, catches on to the fact that, in the much bandied about Times story regarding increased anti-Semitic attacks in England, the Times manages (inadvertently perhaps) to blame the Jews.  [My bad:  It was Reader_Iam, not Callimachus who wrote this interesting post.]
Somehow I missed the fact that Al Qaeda released another tape. Fortunately, Curt, at Flopping Aces, didn’t, and he blogs about how Al Qaeda is specifically targeting the appeasement crowd in America.

A From The Word Go, Heather has a really funny post about the most intolerant way to teach tolerance.

Gerry Charlotte Phelps has a beautiful post about making sure that her church is a welcoming environment for all, not just those who study the fashion pages. I especially liked it because it reminded me of spending Yom Kippur one year at a major Southern Synagogue where all the women spent the whole serving checking-out each other’s outfits. It was not a spiritual experience.

At, Please Move On, I can link to any specific post you might want to read. Each is a terrible example of the type of anti-Semitic, anti-American slime that oozes through’s forum, and that the “Please Move On” bloggers have had the courage to expose to light.

Mrs. Happy Housewife takes us from the slime to the sublime — domestically speaking that is. It’s a refreshing journey into a world of recipes, reading and household tips. It is, in every way, a reminder of normalcy.

Jack, at News Snipet ‘Blog, definitely has the best laugh for today.

Most of my religiously oriented energy is focused on radical Islam and, to the extent religion otherwise impinges on my mind, it usually has a Jewish cast. Jack, who blogs at Notes From A Retired Preacher, is concerned with the purity of the Christian faith, and he has some questions about Rick Warren’s planned church expansion.

Somehwere on A1A, Ocean Guy is blogging, and he found something I missed — inspired by Hezbollah’s non-defeat, another terrorist cell has emerged as a player in the Middle East.

At Out of the Binjo Ditch, law student Steve has taken a break from political commentary and legal analysis, and come up with wonderful other stuff instead: musical memories, haiku, CSI Miami, salary scales at Texas schools, and all sorts of other random and amusing things. Refresh your mind. Visit his blog.

Maybe it’s living in Hawaii, maybe it’s Anne’s personality … I don’t know. All I do know is that PalmTree Pundit is a serene blog. Anne blogs there about faith, home-schooling and, in a particularly depressing post, how old we’ve become!

Thank goodness my blog friends keep their eyes on the news. If it hadn’t been for Political Fan, I wouldn’t have known that the IDF scored a big kill, taking down a major terrorist leader.

The incredibly prolific Ymarsakar, who keeps my blog a lively place, also has his own blog, Sake Light. There, he gives voice to the frustration so many of us feel over the media’s year’s long manipulation regarding the Plame affair.

Fortunately, Ol’ Man River, writing at Scott’s Conservative News & Commentary, was in good company when he was wrong to worry that Iran would unleash something nuclear on August 22nd. Other than that date issue, though, he’s entirely right in what he says about the huge threat Iran poses to the civilized world.

Robert Avrech, who blogs at Seraphic Secret, writes movies and is a religious Jew. Apparently a few people have problems with that rare combination, a fact that results in very funny emails — some of which he’s been kind enough to publish.

Soccer Dad offers two interesting posts about fall-out from the Israeli/Hezbollah War: the chimera that is Hezbollah’s claimed victory (I think it’s more of a non-defeat, which is problematic enough); and the mental filter brush the media used in war coverage to remove things that interfered with its preexisting conclusions.

Kathryn, at Suitable For Mixed Company, has catholic tastes — in the adjectival sense of the word. In a few days, she’s posted about intriguing blogs, interesting books, and forest fires. Linking to one post doesn’t do her justice. Just go check her out.

Ymarsakar put me on the The Futurist, which is a wonderful blog. A couple of days ago, the blog addressed the many problems with this statement: “”Nobody Who is an Immigrant or the Descendant of Immigrants has any Business Voting Republican. Nobody.” Incidentally, the man behind this statement is currently (no surprise) a Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley, was once a Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury (probably under Clinton, right?).

A couple of months ago, Bruce, at The Galactic Patrol, posed an interesting question and got only a few answers: In the modern, information age, where does wealth come from? Maybe you have an opinion.

Patrick, writing wonderful things at The Paragraph Farmer, offers some unconventional thoughts about global warming, a concept that has been reduced to a weird mixture of hysterical banalty in the mainstream media.

Writing at Thought You’d Never Ask, Zabrina has her own blog round-up (and thanks for mentioning me there, Zabrina). It’s a buffet of interesting stuff, as is Zabrina’s own post about why the UN should go.

Under the News falls into the “where do I start?” category: floating houses, missing flags from 9/11, and translations of rap music (and after you read the translation, you wish you hadn’t). It’s all there, and so much more, at this eclectic site.

White Pebble has a link to something I knew: chocolate makes you feel really, really good. And I get an update on another story I missed — nutcase liberal Deborah Frisch, who threatens conservative bloggers, was arraigned on criminal charges. Let’s hope the charges stick, since the evidence is solid.


9 Responses

  1. Hey, Bookworm, thanks for the link to DWM (and for this whole link round-up!), but just one teeny little thing: The specific post referenced was one of mine. Cal’s probably right: I should probably label them at top. My being irregular makes things confusing, I know.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  2. Bookie,
    How many keyboards a year do you go through? If this is uninspired – I am not worthy.

  3. A couple of months ago, Bruce, at The Galactic Patrol, posed an interesting question and got only a few answers: In the modern, information age, where does wealth come from? Maybe you have an opinion.

    Obviously wealth comes from Bookworm not having to wait at the check out counter ; )

    If I had to construct a post like the one Bookworm just did, I think it would take me about 10 times the time I would have used up on a normal 1 page post. Organizing all those links must be a nightmare, but then again, men aren’t organized to begin with.

    Thank you for your kind words, Bookworm.

    I wrote this comment on her blog, reposting it here.

    I share your disgust and your perception of shame. Because America holds plenipotentiary power, or at least the potential unchallenged form of it, over the world, we have a responsibility to make sure that the world does not suffer because of us. If we allow things to occur, by inaction, we allow suffering because it is in our power to stop it. That is the nature of power, the ability to influence and change reality itself. If you can do it, but won’t, then the moral blame of whatever consequences occurs will be on your and our shoulders. He who has power, is responsible for that which he has power over. That is a basic tenet of Duty.

    What is America supposed to tell the victims in Africa and other cess pit nations; that America is looking out for their interests or that America doesn’t care because they aren’t citizens and therefore vote? How about, “why don’t you take your concerns to your local government and the UN”. None of this is right, none of this is honorable.

    Does America have the will to enter a new plateau of responsibility, or does America seek to waste their status and power, ignoring the others for their own pleasure and business? When you are as powerful as America is, you have two choices. Either assume Imperial status responsibilities, or give up your power so that others may protect themselves. David Weber has given some very positive descriptions and constructions of Empires, in the far flung future amongst the stars. In his worlds, Empires spread law and order, freedom and prosperity, communion and unity.

    P.S. On balance, is that not better than the struggles of Africa? Are we not stronger together, as the human race, than just a bunch of different factions all pursuing their own contradictory ends?

    That would be Zabrina of course.

    Writing at Thought You’d Never Ask, Zabrina has her own blog round-up (and thanks for mentioning me there, Zabrina). It’s a buffet of interesting stuff, as is Zabrina’s own post about why the UN should go.

    You know what I just thought of. Why do men of the baby boomer times never refer to themselves as “baby boomers”, while women of that time, do? Hrm. Probably an image thing.

    I’m happy that you are enjoying the Futurist, but I cannot honestly take credit for finding it. I benefited from the parallelism of blogs, a commenter posted that link either on a blackfive thread or a neo neocon thread. I simply am the messenger of the times. Cannot truly remember who posted the Futurist link, these parallel connections and hardpoints are very ephemeral, even though their ramifications are diverse and curious.

  4. Hey Sala, doesn’t the wife of the author of Mudville Gazette also do the Dawn Patrol series of round ups?

  5. Good job.

  6. Book,

    Thanks for the link to my Rick Warren Blog.

    How do you do what you do so well… My BlogLines feed showed eight new posts by you since my last check… and in checking, all were comprehensive posts.

    But this one — you had to read dozens of other’s blogs and then comment on each and paste their link..

    You are an amazing and remarkable person.. Glad you are on our side.


  7. slide by without commenting usually, but I continue to love your marvelous blog. How can you be so prolific?? I have to work at it so. You have such a gift.


    Gerry Charlotte Phelps

  8. Thanks from me too for the warm support. I check your blog almost every day for the great writing and the wide scope of topics covered intelligently and fairly. I too don’t know how you find the time!

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