And now for the good news from Iraq

Here’s a bit of good news:

An ambitious military sweep appears to be dramatically reducing Baghdad’s homicide rate, U.S. and Iraqi officials said Sunday — even as violence nationwide killed at least 80 people, including six U.S. soldiers in and around the capital.

Last month, the Baghdad morgue received more than 1,800 bodies, a record high. This month, the morgue is on track to receive less than a quarter of that.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki seized on the drop in slayings during a CNN interview.

“The violence is not increasing…. No, we’re not in a civil war,” Maliki said. “In Iraq, we’ll never be in civil war. What you see is an atmosphere of reconciliation.”

Although the smaller monthly tally offers encouragement to U.S. and Iraqi officials, it remains a triple-digit reminder that sectarian violence and insurgent activity continue to roil the country.

“It is not possible to create a democracy at the barrel of a gun…. We cannot even work freely as politicians,” said Saleh Mutlak, a Sunni Arab member of parliament. “It is not possible for us to even hold meetings. We cannot travel between one province and another.”

U.S. Army Maj. Gen. James D. Thurman, commander of military forces in Baghdad, attributed the capital’s declining violence to a sweep involving 8,000 U.S. soldiers and 3,000 Iraqi troops aimed at stopping sectarian violence.

The numbers certainly are still unpleasantly high — it’s not nice to live in a City that has close to 400 homicides per month — but the decline (more than 75%) is staggering and impressive.  Many congratulations to both the U.S. and Iraqi forces for bringing this sea-change about.


10 Responses

  1. Im glad to hear there is major progress being made in stopping violence in Iraq.

  2. That and the fact that the Iraqi army and police are taking on more and more of their own security is a great sign of progess!

  3. The Sunnis would be talking about barrels of a gun, wouldn’t they. After all, the barrel of US assault rifles are the only thing keeping the Shia from purging Baghdad of Sunnis, relocating them, and replacing them with Shias. And the barrel of US assault rifles are also the only thing keeping the Sunni military from doing a coup de tat on the beginning Shia dominated security forces.

    Both the Shia and the SUnnis Wish they could get rid of and replace the barrel of US assault rifles.

  4. Did you all notice how the LA times setup the reporting in such a way as to offset the “good” about the news?

    I bet they would still be talking about democracy and guns back in the post Civil War days. When Grant sent federal troops to the Southerners. Southerners must have responded, “you can’t fullfill reconstruction and the reunification of the South through democracy, with the barrel of a gun”.

    Ya, we can, and should.

    The LA Times must have done a lot of work to find an Iraqi mouthing what they wanted to print.

  5. Agreed, Y… and the Japanese seem to be pretty happy about the way the democracy forced upon them at the barrel of a gun turned out.

    This ridiculous meme needs to be s*itcanned. It was laid to rest some time last year, and keeps coming back in a zombie incarnation. Like a zombie, it stinks.

  6. It comes from people like Soros. Kill the Soros guys, and the meme disappears. Nothing complex about it.

  7. They keep talking about the Madhi army being one of the problems of security. Well, if the US commanders weren’t so afraid of making Al Sadr a “martyr” back a year or so ago, maybe there wouldn’t be a Madhi Army kicking the downtrodden in the teeth as they try to deal with foreign terroists.

    If your objective is to win, then being afraid of killing just means you’re playing a game, you’re not serious.

    Japan isn’t a good example, Mama, because of several factors. For one thing, the Japanese people were already defeated and they already had a good leader, Emperor Hirohito. Iraq has neither.

    Analytically, you do not get democracy through martial law or a police state, but the basis for democracy, which is absence of intimidation and the rule of the gun, can only be brought about by the GUN.

    The phrase “you don’t get democracy imposed through the barrel of a gun” are meant for those not serious, those who are playing around, those who would rather make a deal than win. They are also meant to bolster the cause of those with guns.

    The South had burgeoning KKK terror cells employed to make sure the blacks didn’t vote Republican. Therefore the Democrat government got re-instated after Grant pulled troops out. The US may have won the Civil War, but nothing much changed in the South because of the decisions of compassionate, weak, and traitorous Presidents after Lincoln’s assassination.

    The Civil War is the perfect example. Japan and Germany are flawed, because their situation is not comparable therefore their success is not indicative or suggestive of what we should or should not do in Iraq.

    The reason why they say the thing about guns not making democracy, is because if they can get your troops out of the way, they can lynch and terminate with prejudice those that are in their way, acquire power, and use that power to oppress the weak.

    Without federal troops to protect black former slaves, the blacks were killed, terminated, intimidated, and deprived of their right to vote.

    Obviously those who are ready to exterminate wholesale their opposition in Iraq, and their supporters in the Democrat party, love to talk about pulling troops out/down. It’ll open up the gates for the barbarians.

  8. I’m not sure the South IS a good example. The Confederacy already WAS a democracy. All leaders were elected. They just pulled away from the Union to operate independently. No one intended to ever install any form of government there except a democracy.

  9. another amazing thread from the pollyannas of peace and mercy.

    nice crowd you attract here bookworm, “It comes from people like Soros. Kill the Soros guys, and the meme disappears” incredible!

    and as for good news out of baghdad, i’m sure you’ve already heard but i wouldn’t be me if didn’t document just how desperate your cheerleading and goal-post moving has been:

    “By REBECCA SANTANA, Associated Press Writer 31 minutes ago

    BAGHDAD, Iraq – A roadside bomb exploded in Baghdad’s oldest and largest wholesale market district, killing at least 24 people and wounding 35, part of a surge in bloodshed Wednesday that left 52 dead, authorities said.

    Earlier, an explosives-rigged bicycle blew up near an army recruiting center in a city south of Baghdad, killing at least 12 people.

    Violence across Iraq has spiked in recent days, with more than 200 people killed since Sunday in clashes, bombings or shootings — despite U.S. and Iraqi officials’ claims that a new security operation in the capital has lowered Sunni-Shiite killings there, which had risen in June and July.”

    –did you catch that? VIOLENCE HAS SPIKED! only you could read those statistics and come up with something like, “— but the decline (more than 75%) is staggering and impressive. Many congratulations to both the U.S. and Iraqi forces for bringing this sea-change about.”

    yeah….sea change….what she said!


  10. The Confederacy already WAS a democracy. All leaders were elected.

    Elections aren’t democracy, as they say. Iraq has a better democracy now, then the South did during or after the Civil War.

    When blacks are worth the vote of 3/5ths of a man in terms of population representation, except blacks can’t vote, that isn’t democracy.

    That means the South had more representatives, but those representatives weren’t representing the blacks. That is a more screwed up system than any Shia-Sunni system.

    They just pulled away from the Union to operate independently. No one intended to ever install any form of government there except a democracy.

    There are two reasons the South seceded. One, they believed the Union would let them go their own way, without a way. Underestimation in other words.

    Two, they didn’t like Lincoln being elected, so instead of working together, they acted like the democrats they are, took their ball and went home, all the time crying elections were unfair to the South. Ya, elections were unfair, rigged by the South, but even so Lincoln got elected.

    In conclusion, not only did the government in the South not had a democracy on our standards or even the Union’s standards, but afterwards, the South attempted to re-elected their power brokers on the back of Sunni intimidation and oppression. Which was only stopped by federal troops.

    Dagon should be paid a few rubles by the terroists, he does a good propaganda job, if I may say so myself. He’s doing a good job fomenting war.

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